Friday, January 30, 2009

Tom Petty, Heartbreaker, & Exercise Motivation!

So. I have learned how to put MP3's on my little machine. Tom Petty heavily in the lead, followed by The Who, with a smattering of Eagles, Heart, Queen, as well as Shrek, and Chicago. (The movie, not the band.)

I found walking to be a bit on the boring side when I go up and down repeatedly on the hill. Rudee gets to run, so I feel an obligation to take him, but motivation to do the "hour a day" wasn't there. I just slogged, get it done ... To be done with it.

Then I took my player along. Eminence Front, WOW! Did I just climb that hill! Just keeping pace with the music was all. Hmm. We Will Rock You, finished that round with time to spare! Mama's Got a Squeeze Box, good downhill pace... Ankle Deep is good for a nice pace, when I am getting winded, but want to keep going. Eagles songs are mostly for cool down.

You get the idea. I even have people from this Millennium, Chromeo, and Her Space Holiday. I want to try some other artists and genres, so I can mix it up and not get bored. I have decided that I will spend on my MP3 habit, rather than sweets. Let's face it, a candy bar anymore, costs nearly the same as a download, and I can have the choice of it being forever on my player, or on my hips.

Oh, did I mention I just downloaded Queen's Fat Bottomed Girls? Motivation in strange ways...

See ya! Tom Petty's Big Weekend just came on, I gotta keep pace. (With the line, "if you don't run, you rust..."), Happy Jack, (The Who) soon to play. Walking can be fun!

Even if Rudee wonders why I'm singing to him...

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