Thursday, February 05, 2009

My animals adore me...

Perhaps a little TOO much? I was getting the food out of the bin for the chickens, and Pepper, one of the young hens, runs up my back, and sits on my head. I shoo her off, then lean down into the bin again, only to have her REPEAT this little manoeuvre. This is after having Buzz run up my front, earlier in the morning, and then hang like a picture, while socking toenails in very tender portions of my front. She couldn't understand why I grabbed her so hard she squeaked when she tried it a second time. This is usually followed by the dog trying to push me over because he wants petted, while Tuxedo runs in front of my feet, turns sideways, then flops over, using me as a leaning post. Sometimes all of these happen simultaneously! I guess I should feel flattered. And I usually do, after I get all the dings and scratches cleaned, and the poo out of my hair. Maybe I should wear a hat. And Kevlar...

So, my walking. Tom Petty's Big Weekend, good walking song. Eagle's Get Over It, also good. These both are enough speed on a hill to get my heart rate up. However, Eagle's Lyin' Eyes, bleah. I need that if I am doing, oh, yoga or something, it's just waaaay too slow for my exercise. I need to ask my reading public, (I know you're out there), what do you listen to, what gets you up and motivated? Also, The Who's Who Are You? is a good one to walk to. (Of course, this all is dependant on Rudee and Tux, on how fast I walk, sometimes my walking is slowed considerably. See above paragraph.)

Sort of sad on my walk today, my neighbors have llamas like I do. I realized one was all flopped over, right across the fence from where I walk. I called to it, nothing. Walked over, nothing. (If you don't know about llamas, they are very sensitive to space. If you come close, even if they like you, they will move.) So, I called out, loudly. Nothing. I finally found a small stick. A quick toss, it hit and bounced off the girl. Not a flicker. I called the neighbor. No one home, so I left a message. Later, I received the news, llama had indeed died. She wasn't in good health, said the neighbor, so I guess I was just the unlucky bearer of news. Still didn't make me feel much better.

Oddball thought for the day, do Southerners watch OPB's "The New Yankee Workshop?"

Well, to wrap this up, I was catching up on my blog reading, and came upon this little meme from that is find a book that is nearest your computer, open to page 56 and write up to the 5th sentence, (a little more if needed for context).

Looking. Ok, my husband's Machinery's Handbook is here, but boy, that is so boring... Oh, here we go. Joanne Fluke, "Sugar Cookie Murder". (I have it next to the computer to copy some good recipies for my cook book, having finished the book some time ago.)


Mayor Bascomb tucked his wife's arm through his and patted her hand. "She's the world's best shopper, aren't you, honey?"
Stephanie Bascomb gave a very nice smile, but Hannah noticed it didn't reach her eyes. She also pulled her hand away from her husband's, and Hannah concluded that there was trouble in Lake Eden's first family. The Bascombs would put on the appearance of connubial bliss for the crowd of constituents that had gathered for the party, but it was all for show.


Ok, for curiousity, what is in Husband's book... Page 56...

Areas and Dimensions of Plane Figures. (how to calculate obtuse-angled triangle) , (how to calculate trapazoid) Note: In Britain, this figure is called a trapezium, and the one below it is known as a trapazoid, the terms being reversed. (how to calculate a trapezium) A trapezium can also be devided into two triangles as indicated by the dotted line. The area of each of these triangles is computed, and the results added to find the area of the trapezium.

(The page continues with calculations for Regular Hexagon, Regular Octagon, and Regular Polygon, but no more sentences, per se...)

Yep. Boring... But, hey, now my nosiness is satisfied...

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