Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Writing. Or the lack of it...

Still trying to get something going on my book-to-be. I have ideas, I have been storing in a "story bible" (so called by my Mom), but I have very little as far as actual 'story'. What I have mostly, are character outlines, and vignettes. Now I have been writing. I just haven't been writing on this. Why, I don't know for sure. I have figured out I need to contact some friends, and someone from the Sheriff's Posse, as one of the characters is in the posse, and will have a big part in the story. I, however, do not do horses, and have no experience with the posse. So. Hmm. The plot will thicken, eventually, I hope.

Still knitting a blanket for NMCRS. They switched it out on me, to my benefit. Guess that the families preferred blankets to sets, so they are asking volunteer knitters to knit same. WORKS FOR ME! I prefer things without seams, or LESS seams, at least, (perhaps that's why I like socks...), and I can make a blanket with a pattern, or just knit for a while, and change pattern, and then knit for a while, it looks fancy, (usually), even if it is mindlessly simple. I am still going to send them a set I finished, but I will try and send it with a blanket. (Not necessarily that the set and blanket go together, however... They really don't.)

Beading on my hat. Also put some DMC floss on my hat, as a filler. I have some other decorative things, I will put on as I go. The more I do on this hat, the more ideas I get for another hat. OMG, just what I need, more projects!

Well, it's getting about time to climb the hill, Rudee has been bugging me to walk today. Kids... Whatcha gonna do?

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