Friday, March 06, 2009

Day One. Cooooool...

So. Had my first day helping out as... Well, I guess I would call it a glorified receptionist. I can't tell about specifics, but I think vague things shouldn't do too much damage.

My very first person walks in for a report. Uh. I know that... I should know where, too. I pull out the handbook. Right, it's in the cabinet. I go to the far left. Nope. Middle. Nope. Hmm. Ok, Right hand. Hmm. Very LAST form in the LAST place I look. Why does that NOT surprise me?

My task is pretty straightforward, answer phones if needed, get paperwork if needed, and get the attention of the deputy (deputies), if needed. And stay at the desk.

There's a computer on the desk, and I was sitting quietly, reading, when all the sudden it clicks on. The cursor goes back and forth, and it starts clicking on stuff. It so happened there were computer techs on site, so I let them know something was going on. They weren't too worried, but I was vague, so it wasn't until later that they realized that someone was remotely accessing the computer. Turns out, the computer techs elsewhere were cleaning up the computer where I was sitting! So, the tech asked me to move, and he cleaned up a bit on it too. I mostly stood around, looking confused. Then he asked the gal who is my "boss", did anyone tell her that the computer was going to be cleaned? She looked sheepish, then called out, "Oh, by the way, the computer is going to be cleaned..."

We all chuckled.

The one and only disadvantage where I sit, is that it's more or less between two doors to the outside. I ended up putting on my sweater, the deputies going in and out with the wind blowing, it made a bit of a draft! I don't believe they noticed, being they had been outside, with heavy jackets. I, sitting quietly at the desk, did! Brrr!

Not that I was paying attention, but I was surprised at how I could turn "invisible". Someone came in to talk privately to a deputy, and proceeded to discuss stuff right in front of me! I made myself busy, and the deputy stopped the conversation and led the person to a more private area, but it did let me know why I have to sign a confidentiality agreement.

So, my grand first day. I mostly read a magazine I brought, caught up on some writing, and knit a sock. But, it saves the deputies needing to man the desk, so I guess that works well for me.

Next epsiode: Copiers! Staplers! And other assorted law enforcement technology!

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