Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Case of the Sub-station Spookiness...

So. I was at my usual seat at the substation. The deputies were busy, (gee, like that's a surprise... Half the time, I see someone zip by "hi", and zip by again "see ya" on the way out. Grass doesn't have a chance under these guy's feet!)

Anyway, the marine deputies were headed out with the boat, (I am so envious... It was SUCH a nice day), and the other deputies were finishing up reports. The gals that are normally in the back doing community out reach were out... So I got out some typing and started my receptionist-ing.

Soon, the deputies were either called out, or just had to go on patrol. So, still typing, I realize it's quiet. Hm. That's nice. Type, type, type. Okay, that's finished. Anything else I need to do? Nope. Take out a magazine. Start reading.

That's when it started. Crinkle... Clunk... Clink...

Huh? No one is in here... Hm. Don't hear anything now. Probably my imagination.

Lessee, article... Ah, here... Crinkle...

WHAT is that? "HELLO?!?"

Silence. Joy... Hmph. Article. Reading... Where was I...

Crinkle, crinkle, THUMP.

Ok, I am officially starting to get concerned. I have near instant access to help, but I am in the sub station, what would anyone be sneaking about in here for? Then I think. Oh, L*rd, we have food in here, what if it's a RAT?

As if in answer, crinkle, crinkle, clunk, clink, crinkle.

I think a very unladylike word escaped, having to do with fecal matter... I decided to get up and see if there was something in the back, realizing while I did all of the horror movies about women going by themselves to look for random noises.

(No, I don't watch horror movies all that often, that's one of the reasons why!)


Ok, officially freaking out... Peering around at the back bathroom. No rat. No person. No NOTHING. What IS making that noise???

Not seeing anything, I slowly slink in and look in the bathroom.

Hm. Nothing. I figure that I was hearing it in this room, and there certainly isn't enough room for a person to hide, so it's a rat. Screwing up my courage, I wait, to see what little vermin shows.

About that time, I hear it. Crinkle, crunkle, crinkle! I look quickly behind me in time to see a bag of pop cans, on top of another few bags of pop cans, start to tumble over, just enough to make the noise. I look, the bag of cans was making a slow motion fall, just fast enough to make crinkle noises and spook me. I decided it was time to move the darn bags!

And so the great mystery of the spooky noises was solved, and Cat the Chicken-hearted could go back to her article, slightly less ready to scream in panic and run in circles...

But, hey, if it works...

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