Friday, April 24, 2009

Evil Grin. Heh. Heh. Heh... Ah choo!

Went to do my receptionist-y stuff at the sub-station. I had my 'uniform' shirt on, which is black, with a sewn sheriff's insignia, and volunteer on it. The badge is silver colored, so it really stands out against the black.

Being that it was a warm day, I didn't take my coat, so my shirt was quite visible. No biggie, I 'wear it with pride', but I really didn't expect what happened next...

The main drag in our town gets busy right about 11. I had to go in a bit early to spell the gal before me, as she was going to a meeting. I was in the left lane, guy in a big truck in the right, on a cell phone. (A pet peeve, get off the phone, unless you are a waiting for an organ transplant, IT'S NOT THAT IMPORTANT!!!) Ahem. Sorry.

Anyway, he was talking, and obviously not paying a bit of attention to anything but his conversation, because he switched lanes in front of me, no signal, not a look, nothing. After some creative defensive driving, (he cut in with not enough room, and I had a guy riding fairly close behind... EEEEP!), I snarled, editorialized on his ancestry and parentage, and had to follow him to the turn lane. Which he didn't signal for, AGAIN!

I sat there glaring at him. Wondering if he'd gotten his license from a box of Cracker Jacks. Then he glances in his rear view mirror. Does a double take, pales. I wonder what he sees. He quickly hangs up the phone, then turns on his signal. Keeps looking back at me. What IS he looking at? Then I realize, I am wearing my shirt, and he can see the insignia. I am suspecting he can't read the "volunteer", or doesn't realize that means I am just regular folk with a background check in this case. Either way, the effect was amazing, from the Idiot with a Truck, to Model Driver. I had to follow him for about 2 more blocks, and I don't think he made one mistake, from speed, to signalling, etc..

Except maybe watching his rear view mirror too much...

Hee hee.

That almost makes up for the fact I either have a cold, or allergies. Let's just say anything I have done for the last three days has involved sneezing, blowing my nose, or drinking copious amounts of tea. Tea isn't so bad, but sheesh. And I am going to be working on a Simulated Emergency Test (SET) this weekend, which might be interesting if I have laryngitis... I tend to lose my voice after a round of this, and I really don't think that trying to transmit information will be really useful to any and all concerned, if I can't be heard/understood!


More tea. Lemon. Honey. Drink. Repeat.

(Husband had suggested Jack Daniel's, but I think that he suspects that conciousness during illness is over rated...)

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