Saturday, April 25, 2009

SET. And cough drops...

Made it through my Simulated Emergency Test (SET). I had improved enough I think I avoided, say, infecting everyone with whatever, (let's just say, I suspect this MIGHT be more than allergies...), but I was either sucking a cough drop, or had a cup of water at ALL TIMES.

I had to laugh a bit, I was wearing two hats, an amateur radio operator (ham), and a CERT member (Community Emergency Response Team). I told those in command, put me where I can be of use. Where did I end up? Resources Unit. This is the person that finds out how many of what is available for use in an emergency, what things are out, what things were destroyed, and so on. (And I didn't do much in that capacity, but found out that there are actually quite a few resources in our county. Go figure...) But that wasn't really related to either of the groups I'd shown up representing! Eh...

I was sitting by a City Employee that was Incident Command, and was asking me questions about my radios. I could answer most of them, happily, and he sounded impressed with the whole show. The only problem was that one of the radios the hams used,(a 440 rig), I had forgotten, so he kept hearing the other hams talking in the room, but never heard the response out of my radios. I told him that I forgot that one. And I did, sort of.

I had to borrow my husband's radio, due to a problem with mine. (For any hams out there, the sub audible tone, isn't, on any repeater,on my radio. So, I have to use my radio on simplex until I can figure out how to get rid of the noise... Sort of like having 60 cycle hum on frequency. LOUD 60 cycle hum.) So I had my husband's radio, my radio, extra batteries, my CERT backpack, a clip board, hat, coat, and purse. I simply ran out of room!

Heck, I didn't even bring my knitting! Shudder...

Scary, ain't it?

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