Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Can't Be Done. FINISHED!


So, the socks are finished. The earth seems to be holding steady, no pigs flying (haven't even heard a lot about Swine Flu of late), haven't fallen into a black hole...


Sort of a disappointment, really. Eh. I'll live.

But the socks knit up fine, with only a few snags, due to my still somewhat uneven spinning (but, hey, some people pay good money for yarn with character, and Brother, do I have character. Oh, sorry, we were talking about the yarn...)

I have washed the yarn, which made it even glossier, and somewhat softer. I didn't wash them in the washer, I was a tiny bit afraid they'd felt, but gave 'em a good drubbing in the sink. Haven't worn them yet, but they fit well, so I am looking forward to trying them.

I showed them off to the spinning group, and She Who Said It Can't Be Done... Loved them! Thought they were wonderful! Couldn't believe how soft they were!

Huh?!?? I mentioned they were the singles I'd used. ZING, right by. Not a comment one.

Ok, either I did fall into an alternate universe, or she didn't hear me. Or chose to ignore me. If it IS an alternate universe, can I be in the one where chocolate is a diet food, and we celebrate Elizabeth Zimmerman's birthday with free yarn?

No? Well... You can't blame me for trying.

I will be headed to Seaside, so I will artfully place my sock creations on Lewis & Clark, and get a photo for the ol' blog. From what I read, fresh clean socks would have been cause for much celebration. Heck, I understand, I celebrate new knit socks, too!

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