Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nooo, that can't be right...

I was typing, and looked up at a box Husband had set up on the cabinet.

I read:

45 Lead lined security envelopes.

Whaaaa? I read things off-center like that on occasion.

It actually reads, 45 self-adhesive security lined envelopes.

Glad it wasn't the first, can you imagine the POSTAGE on it?

Another example? Listening to this song, "The Damage that You've Done", it has a line...

I wish I was a Blue Bird, Honey, I'd just fly away.

Which makes a bit more sense than what I heard...

I wish I was a Goober, Honey, I'd just die away.

Nothing like completely missing the point.



  1. For the last several months I've been mis-hearing the Christian band Mercy Me's hit single "When I finally make it home" as "Come find me, naked whore." Time to schedule a hearing test!

  2. So, I'm *not* the only one. (Yeah, if it's a Christian band, I think it might be different lyrics...) You wonder where your mind is, to come up with some of the strange mis-heard, or mis-read items. I think it's mostly because I am not paying as much attention as I should be...



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