Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I am tired.


First off, I slept like a landed fish last night. Let's just say the bed looked more like a hurricane had hit than someone had slept in it. Bless him, Husband slept just fine. (Grrr...)

But now I know EXACTLY how much time I have until In-Laws arrive. They said the 10th of July. Which means I absolutely, positively have to get this place ready by... Oh, the 6-7th. Because they are frustratingly, excruciatingly, ALWAYS early! Why? Dunno. Guess they like Husband. I get a hello, and then they are either talking to him, or on the phone to make plans with other family members.

Am I sounding bitter? Probably. Did I mention I am tired?

I am getting most of the house cleaned, however. Kitchen? Check. Bathrooms? Well, pretty much check, still need to clean the tub... You know, it weren't the smartest idea to clean a bunch of trash cans in there. (NO, it's not as goofy as it sounds, they stank.) It looks a bit like an estuary at low tide. Eeew... Living room. Uh. I'll get back to you on that one. Let's just say it's getting there. Table. HAHAHAAAHAHHAHAHA!! Yeah. I think I will just douse it with kerosene and light it. It would be easier. Oh, wait, there's some important papers on the table. Guess not. Dam*.

I am tired... *YAWN*...

Watered the garden. As fast as it is drying out NOW, with 70's and 80's, I shudder to think what the later summer holds! Oh, and I finally bought some zucchini seeds. I plant those to make zucchini bread. The one green vegetable besides beans that my husband will eat. If I dose it with enough gunk to make it useless as a vegetable. Husband has been a golden help the last few, tho. He put up a GATE (!!!) for me to go in and out of my garden, and I can even go in and out with a wheel barrow. This is big stuff for me. He also put up the sprinkler. I now can water without lugging a hose. This creates nasty weeds, but I will deal. But there will hopefully be some fresh veggies for In-Laws. (I have my FIRST TOMATO growing, a Cherokee Purple, it's about the size of a grape. I am doing a very tired happy dance. Happy Shuffle?)

As for the flower gardens. I am now able to walk (mostly) comfortably with the ankle. I am now under the 8 ball to get those presentable. At least with the big garden, there's enough flowers that the weeds are really not THAT noticeable. Except to me. *sigh* But, I press on, I should be able to man handle a hoe now, and get the big pieces finished soon.

But first? I am gonna go take a nap. 'Night...


  1. I would like to spout off how they will love you just cuz you love their boy but I don't know them. Besides, it doesn't do any good for someone to tell me that when I have company coming. That is the one (crap be honest) one of many things that can send me into a tailspin. I am just sure that people who come to my house will judge me poorly because of what I have or don't have. Been that way all my life so I can commiserate with you on that. Let me know if I can help, I seem to do better with other peoples' houses. Go figure.

  2. Oh, I know they are okay with me, but there is some history I won't go into with Pa-in-Law. New Ma-in-Law has taken some of PIL's habits, and I am real oversensitive sometimes. So, it could be me, it could be them, it could be both. Eh. I'll live.

    But I just know I will be more comfortable if the house is clean. It makes it a lot less... stressful... if I don't have to move knitting for someone to sit, or papers from the couch, or mail from the table.

    And I just want the garden taken care of so I don't have to fight so many weeds next year. I fought like crazy last year, and up until I crashed the ankle, there wasn't much in the way of weeds. There is LOTS of orchard grass starting to come up now, so I will indeed have to get busy so I don't have the darn stuff try to turn into LAWN. That was what we were trying to REPLACE!

    However, I do thank you for the offer, I might have to have you over sometime, even if it's just for a fresh set of eyes!



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