Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Weekend. Ouch...

So, off to the Ham fair. We went to Woodland Woolworks, (I will maybe cover that as another blog...), and then went to have a late lunch at a place called Camp 18. It's a restaurant/logging history area. We were met by this nice guy. A bit of a wooden personality, and a REALLY stiff upper lip (lower one, too), but he was quite nice, anyway. (There are several of these wooden carvings, from loggers to Sasquatch, I believe there is even a turtle somewhere...) As usual, the food was great, except we were, as usual, too early for the ribs, which I consider probably some of the best anywhere around. Oh, well...

The weekend was cloudy, and just barely a hairsbreadth from rain most of the time I was there. I got this picture of (I think) a Coast Guard boat. I think it was around the low 60's most of the weekend. Just warm enough I didn't really need a coat, but not warm enough for light clothing, either... But there were still people on the beach with shorts! (I always wonder if they are from Alaska.)

The ham fair was the usual mix of new, interesting, way technical stuff that I have to ask where the "on" button is, a smattering of non ham things, (we had 2 food mix people and a lady selling candles), and the used group, with everything from computer stuff, to bugs and keys, tubes, antennas, books... If it has to do with amateur radio, you can probably find it. I met this little gent in my walk around the booths. I believe he's a JA call, portable 7. * But I don't know if I'd argue if he said he wasn't.

I decided to try and decorate Lewis & Clark with my Can't Be Done socks, and a plain blue pair, (both hand knits, however.) The day was too windy on Saturday, so Sunday was a quick stealth run to get the socks placed. I had an audience, one thought I was doing something bad, the other was saying, oh, no, it's just this Internet thing with this crazy woman named Yarn Harlot.

Ahem. Her NAME is Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, and she's not crazy... Of course this is from a woman putting socks on a statue. Um. Never mind...

While walking back, a couple moms were walking behind me, talking about their little boys, and I heard, "yes, he LOVES his socks. He wears them on the beach. And not just ANY socks. He wants his Spiderman socks, or his American Flag socks. Can't just be plain socks." I think the child has wonderful taste, myself. Hmm. Wonder if I can make some spider-web socks... But I just need to knit more socks generally, I have some in the queue, oddly enough, based on Lewis & Clark.

And I was in a discussion with someone, who said this was a bear. Uh, my vote, a large dog. I just thought it was a neat photo. (Even if I didn't notice the bird crap until later...)
So. The ouch? My Dad and I ride the carousel each year. Rather than my usual cat critter that I ride, I thought it might be fun to try a different animal. Dad and I chose matching reindeer. I started to climb on, and my foot slipped. I don't know exactly what happened, but I have had a very nasty feeling in my ankle, and have had to have my cane, and my ankle brace to walk. (And for good or ill, it was on my 'bad' leg. And adding insult, it's the foot I use for my spinning wheel.)

So, we shall see how long this lasts. I hate wearing the brace, and I want to start my planting! I am only a few WEEKS late, the craft room has plants with FLOWERS, this is getting to be an agrarian comedy!

But, Husband has been doing the dishes... Heh. Maybe I should limp more often!

* In ham radio, we have call signs. The first letters tell what country the person has the license from (JA would be Japan.) In the U.S., there are several prefixes, KA, W, WA, and a few others. We then tell what part of the country the license was from, by a number. Oregon area is 7. So my little Sumo friend would be JA something, portable 7, meaning he was working here. (Yes, probably TMI. Tough...)

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