Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yarn Goodness. Also, 4-bit doctor terms. Possibly mis-spelled...

So, I went to Woodland Woolworks. This is my haul, except for some Kookaburra Woolwash. (I left the darn bottle setting on the table. Bad, I didn't get it. Good, I didn't get charged for it...)

I bought Ty-Dy Socks yarn (left, has yellow in it) from Knit One, Crochet Too. I am going to use this to knit some Tabi (mitten) socks. In fact, the pattern is from the "Not Just Socks" book. I also bought Mountain Colors yarn, I am trying to decide whether to sock this one or glove it. It is such lovely, touchable yarn. I have made socks of this before, and it is just great to knit, and is soft, oh so soft, to the touch.

"It Itches" was my quick read at night, but soon was pilfered by my parents. Even though they aren't knitters, spinners, etc., they got most of the jokes, and usually related at least one or two that they wondered if Franklin Habit was watching our house... (There is a cartoon of a woman coming home from a fiber fair with llamas. I told them it is NOT to be shown to Husband...)

"Needled to Death" is a knitting mystery book, I have another "Knit Fast, Die Young", and enjoy them, so decided it was worth perusing...

Sock pattern by Cookie A. Shawl Pattern with Lily of the Valley design. Was going to get three more patterns, but they were out. Oh, well, that means road trip, right??? Heh...

And you will notice, NO needles this time. I was tempted, but decided I had other... priorities.

Saw the doctor about my ankle. I was worried that something was REALLY wrong, because I feel like someone is electrically shocking my ankle when I try to walk without the brace. I guess I am a bit of a ninny that way, if I know what's wrong, okay, no biggie. But, L*rd help us all if I have to think on an unknown, my imagination goes bonkers. (This is not to be confused with an idiopathic illness, however. If the doc knows that he doesn't know, I figure, it's probably just me... No, it doesn't make sense, but there it is.)

He whipped off the Ace bandage like it wasn't even there, and started checking toes, could I move them, up, down, side to side. Yep. Then he started checking the bones in the foot. I was holding my breath, and he realized it. He asked if it hurt. I burst out laughing, no, said I, IT TICKLES!!! Husband then reassured the doc this was normal (for me), as the doc said sometime pain masks itself as tickling. Never had heard that before. But after getting that taken care of, he then checked the ankle itself, while having me explain about the shock while walking.

The Doctor finally decided that I have a hematoma (blood clot) (which he said wasn't dangerous where it is), is pressing on a nerve in my ankle, hence the zaps. As said clot UNclots, I should get over it. (Sooner, rather than later, I hope!) He said it was a Level 2... uh. Forgot the technical, but it boils down to the ligament is torn slightly. So, I need to brace it, (like I have been doing), ibuprofen, (like I've been doing), ice it, (I have NOT been doing, I like to stay warm, and figure it will get better even without me turning blue...), and then he whips this one on me. I am to write the alphabet with my toe! This flexes the ankle, so it won't stiffen up. This is my bad ankle, so he put emphasis on it, that I should do this several times a day. And ya know, he's right, and I have never been told to do anything with my ankle to exercise it before, even after it was broken.

Husband thought it was hilarious, however. Got away from the doc, and I realized I'd forgotten to ask if I was to do my ABC's in block or cursive. So I have been doing both. Cursive has lots of curly-q's so I am getting a bit of flexibility back.

So, I am going to do some writing now...

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