Wednesday, July 08, 2009

94 + 1

Well. That wasn't so fun.

Gained 1 pound.

Guess I need to walk more. I did eat a bit too much this week, too. Try not to beat myself up over it, but after last week, this is disappointing.

I have new walking sticks, so we will have to break them in thouroughly this week.

Wish me luck. (Of, course, if Rudee dog were my personal trainer, I'd never be in the house!) I have finished a lot of the "house work" that was keeping me inside, so I am hoping that I can start with the outside work of garden, walking, that sort of thing.

Pass the sunscreen!

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  1. My, my, my!!! You have been a busy little bee. I leave you alone for a couple days and you blog your head off. All very good I might add. Enjoyed them all.


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