Sunday, July 05, 2009

97-3, hay, and babies!

I had this really great blog idea on Wednesday, (I have free use of the volunteer computer during my 'shift' at the sub-station), and well... The gods heard about it and laughed hysterically. I was on for about, oh, 5-10 minutes when a tech called, asked if I was doing anything important.

Noooo... ?

He says, ok, then, I am going to remotely take over your computer and do some cleaning. Well, musta been late spring cleaning, 4 hours is my shift, and he was STILL doing something when I left. Was kinda fun watching the cursor zip around and pull up items, without me touching the mouse.

But then I am easily amused.

I did get some minor writing finished on my characters in my book-to-be. (By hand, which amuses the folk in the station immensely.) Now if I could just get all the puzzle bits to make a finished whole.

And then Husband got on a computer jag at home. So, I am on a stealth raid today! (Why does that statement make me feel like I should be wearing an eye patch and have a parrot on my shoulder?)

Anyway, I had decided that to get to where one of my docs said was a safe and healthy weight, I need to lose 97 pounds. (Yipes, that sounds like a lot!) So, Wednesday, I will have as a weigh in, and let the blogging universe know my course of up or down. (DOWN, PLEASE!!!) So, my first weigh in was actually this last Wednesday, and I am:


94 to go! I will have to be careful this week. Family is coming to visit, and that always means eating, and usually eating out. My family on both sides uses food as sociability. And G*d knows I am sociable in that way! So. I just have to remember, Wednesday is coming!

I helped with haying. We got a ton for ourselves, and sold the rest. I love to do that, but I am not real strong, and had to work with my ankle to convince myself that I could do it. The ankle was ambivalent during most of the work, so I was able to do pretty well. I found the bales were just heavy enough I couldn't lift them, (yes, I am a wimp, hush), so I found I could at least assist by hooking the hay hook into the bales, dragging them into one spot for Husband to put on the trailer. Bless him, my Dad drove truck, so we didn't have to stop and start continually. 90+F temps are rotten to work in, so the less time we had to spend out there, the better.

And, we have babies! There were (we think) 11 chicks hatched to my one broody hen. Now if she will just let them be out and about, maybe I can get a picture of them! I have seen one or two of them, but the majority stay under Mom. I know they are all full blooded Rhode Island Reds, since the only rooster left is Longtail, and Broody Mom is RIR. Now we just have to find out how many are girls.

Will have pictures of my latest knitting soon, I have finished a few hats for the Shop with a Cop, am starting a blanket for... someone, FINISHED a blanket and hat for one of the deputies, whose wife is expecting, and have at least 2 socks on the needles. Oh, and I am making a tiny crocheted vest for a hippie bear I have in my Volkswagen. Photos soon.

Ya know, at this rate, one of my blog entries might be all photos!

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