Wednesday, July 29, 2009

:) ... ???

Finally got a chance to write in the blog, we did get DSL. Wow!! It's fast, it's powerful... And it doesn't work on MY computer. Husband's, yes, but mine doesn't have enough memory, or bits, or some darn thing. My husband worked on it, I worked (a little) on it, and Bro in Law worked on it. After Bro in Law finished, he told husband, who told me, that my little trusty computer would need 512 of something, or more, if I could get it, and it might be available on my old computer, but it might only have 256 of it, which wouldn't be enough.


Meanwhile, I have been fighting with my thumb drive I use at the substation. It is convinced I don't exist. I am convinced that I want to put it under my husband's truck wheel, and see how flat I can make it. Buuuuuuut, since I don't have another one, I guess that isn't such a great plan... But, boy, it is fun to think about. I will, instead, take it home, and see if my computer recognizes it, and print out what needs be printed, then clean out the little drive, and START OVER. It is showing a lot of files I thought I'd erased, and if that's so, it is major league FULL FULL FULL.

Oh, yeah. It's scale day, too. Lesee...

Down 2 lbs.

I am pleased as all get out, but have absolutely NO clue how I did it. It was my birthday, and there was cake and ice cream. Family wanted to eat Italian, and so what did Husband want me to make? Cheese tortellinis. With cheese on it! We have had lots of not 'good choices' food. So, the only thing I can figure out, I really made a big effort not to have seconds, restrict the firsts to a reasonable portion, and drink lots of water, (or no anything soda). It sure wasn't because I worked out. It has been hot, I have been lazy, for the most part, and so other than 'farm work', I haven't done any exercise. So, I am happy, but confused.

Hee. One of the deputies just walked by, he must have a new belt, he squeaks! I sure hope this weather gets better, the deputies are working in 100+ degree weather. I have the option of hiding out where it's not hot. They don't. And they have to wear all the police-y stuff, so I don't envy them their work today!

Well, if I can figure out how to pry Husband from the computer, (new toy for him with all the speeeeeed), I will try and show some pictures from shearing day. My llamas were pretty good, and now darn near nekkid as a jaybird, fur wise. Stay tuned.

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