Thursday, July 16, 2009


I am having the most interesting time getting myself out of low gear. (The above title is as close as I could come to a dial tone. Yes, I am an anachronism, thank you for noticing.) I am giving another shift to the sub station, because the person that would normally do so is helping with the County Fair, I think. I bowed out of that one, what with family being here. (However, I may make a stealth run over to the fair for a little bit, just to see and say hi...)

I have been thinking about trying to sew up something... radically different for myself. Loose, flowing, and bright colors. With the exception of red, I tend to wear muted colors, and lots of black. I happen to LIKE black, but ya know, a bit of color, and maybe style, couldn't hurt. I have been looking at , an Afghan Nomad Dress. But, I am sort of mixed about this, I don't wear dresses that much. (For me, dresses are for just that, DRESS UP. As a rule, I don't.) So, I looked at some others, and came up with or , (a Turkish, or Tibetan coat, respectively.) These all are made from strips of cloth, so I could have it as plain or as ornamented as I want. And, as a coat, it doesn't really have to match what I am wearing, it could accent it, or closed, cover it. But, it probably won't happen soon. It's fun to look at, however. Someone told me the more projects you have, the longer it takes until you die. At this rate, I think I am going to give Methuselah a run for his money...

Oh, and did I mention, I don't sew?

Minor detail. I have a sewing machine, I can hand sew some simpler 'stuff', guess I just want to try something different. Like Husband needs to have me do yet ANOTHER thing, hobby wise. Eh...

Husband was talking to a guy he works for, and said guy has suggested that LocalTelCo has a better deal than what we have. We can get dish, DSL, and phone, for what we are paying for phone and dial up now. The only (very minor) grumble I have, most of my friends and things I get by email will have to be updated, I don't suppose they want to supply me with my email of xxxxx at competitor dot com. Oh, well. Things change, gotta deal with it.

I have been trying to get out and weed my garden. I hope the weeds aren't waist high by the time I get out there, I keep planning, life keeps getting in the way. Oh, well, there's always tomorrow, right? My family keeps worrying that I will have a problem going out and weeding, but not one of them seems to have a problem with me doing my walk up the hill. Uh. Calmly raking up little weeds into a pile in 90+ weather, or walking as fast as I am comfortable up and down a 40+ degree grade hill, in 90+ weather. Why does this make my mental gears strip?

I am writing this at the sub station, it is so funny, deputies in and out all day, but at the moment, just me and Tom Petty. I have it up louder, since no one is home, so to speak. I keep it very low when anyone comes in, and I've noticed more than one deputy lean over to see/hear what I have on. Most of them seem to approve. At least no one has winced yet.

It is so interesting to talk to the deputies about what they do. And, if they aren't super busy, they will usually tell me a little about what they are doing and what is happening with them. I just wish I wasn't so shy. I get tongue tied, and can hardly talk. Let's just say, it makes me a... unique conversationalist. I can barely talk to the Sheriff, the few times I've been around him, I ended up nodding most of the time, because I couldn't speak. And he's one of the most pleasant people I've met, so it's not because I am worried about gruffness or grouchiness from him or anyone, just have trouble with... *sigh*... me. So what do I do at the sub station? Receptionist. Go figure. I can talk to complete strangers fairly easily, while people I am working with, and getting to know on a somewhat more personal level make my throat close. (While there are a few people out there that would consider that an improvement, I would really like to be more assertive.)

WHERE did that come from?? Geez, sorry about the mental wanderings, talk about a stream of consciousness blog entry! Maybe the title should have been "Splosh, splash".

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