Thursday, July 09, 2009

Chaos, confusion, hysterics. Yep, normal day...

Family showed up this afternoon. I had slept well last night, but slept very, VERY soundly, so when I heard the dog barking his head off, my first thought was "THEY ARE HERE!" . This lead to panicky shutting and locking of the bedroom door, so I could get dressed and get the bed made. This led to extreme confusion on Husband's part, (why is the bedroom door locked?) and mine, (why is family knocking on bedroom door at shy of 7 in the morning?), so that took a bit of getting out of the morning fog to get right.

Then planning dinner. A cassarole. Simple, I know everyone likes it, won't heat up the house too much. So, I get out the supplies. Rice, onions, tomatoes, peppers... Uh, oh. We just cleaned out the freezer, and the last pepper was a victim of unwanted thawing. Ok, skip the pepper. We can just add some more onion. Let's see, oh, hamburger. Where is the burgery stuff... Hamburger. Hamburger. Hmmm. There is NO hamburger. What I thought was hamburger was a roast.

Ok, now panic can set in again. What in the **** am I going to make for dinner? As the family drives up. Running through all the stuff and non sense in the pantry and freezer, Step Mom in Law says, Oh, you don't have dinner ready do you?

<Wince> Uh, nooooo, why?

Oh, it's my daughter's birthday today, and we will go over there for dinner, if you don't mind.

MY G*D, has it been a strange day. This is one of those days I really want to do one of two things. Eat a bag of M&M's, or go back to bed for oh, 20 to 27 hours.

Annoying that neither one of those work.

Wonder if Rudee Dog would like a walk this evening? Yeah, uh, that's like asking if Ganesha is Hindu. I used the new walking sticks, they are heavier than my other ones, but they work. Husband likes to watch when the group of us walk, I guess that we flush out rabbits, deer, all sorts of things when walking. WE don't see them because they are running away from us. I suppose the deer have the added worry that Rudee dog will go play fetch. He doesn't understand that the deer don't want to be his best friend. (I am not going to enlighten him. The more nervous they are, the less they will stay around to spoil my garden!!!)

So, here's hoping that the universe decides to let me make it to this evening without ending up sobbing in the corner in the fetal position... (And to top it off, my cell phone is acting up again!)


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