Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hmm. Well, glacial, but the right direction...

I really thought I was going to have a bad report today. I haven't exercised this week, at all. No real excuses, except yesterday, when I felt like dying could only be an improvement. The rest of the time, I just didn't. I did make a vow NOT to have seconds, much to the annoyance of PIL. I was actually admonished, "Are you on a diet? You aren't EATING anything." (Said 'thing' in question was a double crust pizza, with cookies for dessert. I shouldn't have even have had firsts, really...) I just said I wasn't starving, and Husband, bless him, had my back, saying something to the effect that I was eating what I wanted, and there was always leftovers if I was hungry.

And there were leftovers.

PIL's didn't like the pizza, so didn't want anymore, left it with us. Husband became ill after eating it, so didn't eat anymore. She of the cast iron stomach, no prob. Which was a problem, I was expected to take care of the leftovers. I tried to eat some of it, but it was eat that, with absolutely NOTHING else, if I wanted to not have too much per day. And, after a couple days, I didn't WANT any more. So, I took care of it, all right.

Rudee loved it!

So, I didn't have to feed, Rudee got a treat, and the @#$& pizza went away. I have also switched to a caffeine free, sugar free soda. I drink a lot of soda, and didn't want to give it up, so I switched. That has helped. I am not as jumpy, and I am sure the sugar lowering has to be a plus. So. The drum roll, and the score...

DOWN .4 (again...)

OK, this IS a good, as I am going down. HOWEVER, at this rate, weighing in once a week, I will reach my goal in just shy of 5 years, if my math is right. I know this is not a race, but I gotta start working on losing a bit MORE per week. Just a pound or two more? Pleeeeze?

To that end, Old Hippie is out of storage. I have my trike all fixed up with reflectors, a slow moving vehicle triangle, and a bike flag. I received a bike helmet from Hubby as an early birthday present, and I have a danger orange vest. I think I am ready to hit the road. I may try tomorrow, if all goes well...

I also found some exercise tapes, "Tae Bo". I decided these will be rainy day tapes, when it's snotty weather and I am not in a mood to go outside, I will have something that can get my heart rate going, at least.

But I still will be walking the hill. It's a bad time of year, however. I have to be EXTREMELY careful, as there are yellowjackets making nests. Rudee, bless him, sniffs them out, gets spooked when they swarm, and runs to me. Oh, joy. I stand absolutely still, and so far, I've not been stung. But this is rather a different kind of heart rate increase than I want. And, walking out to get the mail, I saw Buzz run across the yard, and run up into our "deer apple" tree. This is extremely normal for my little hyperactive cat. What wasn't normal, was the tree starting to hum. I look up at the tree, in time to see Buzz surrounded by flying black whatzits, she streaks down the tree and across the yard. I glance up at the tree. What's that grey thing? Uh, oh...

We have a hornet's nest in the tree. Buzz was fine. I can now say she runs faster than a hornet. We called the local extension service to find out if they wanted the nest, they were excited and said they would love it (they use it for anti-venom studies), and they would come pick it up.


Eeeep. So, be very, very careful if you come to my house. That football stuck in the tree? It has a reeeeeaaally bad attitude.


  1. We face the same problem at our house with leftovers, but lack a canine garbage disposal. My self-improvement goal for the year is to remember what day of the week it is more consistently. (Which I failed on Monday, as I didn't remember about spinning until Tuesday. Sorry!)

  2. Forgetting what day it is?

    Oh, I would NEVER do that...

    Cough. Blush... Cough. Go 'way, nothing to see here.

    See ya next week, maybe!



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