Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Ok, weigh in for this week.


No, it ain't much, but it IS down. Haven't exercised but once this week, and that was cut short because the in-laws came home and were ill, so I didn't want to be outside the door of the RV with them not feeling well.

I did do pretty well on not having seconds, that seemed to help. Not always so good on keeping the firsts reasonable. Keeping snacks out of the house... Well, I did break down and have a small bit of stuff, but note I said small. I didn't get the mondo-huge-super-saver-Costco-would-be-proud size, just enough to nosh a little, share with Husband, and family when they came in (in fact, I made a point of offering it to them, so I would have it leave faster), and so I wasn't crawling the candy aisle whenever I hit the stores. I try not to even go in that aisle... (Why am I spelling that "isle" today? Odd.)

Anywho, we progress. Slowly. In the words of some famous historical dude, "Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step." Manolo? Jimmy Choo? Buster Brown? Someone like that...

Was good kid this morning, albeit it was a fight. Got up, was going to get my emails and go RIGHT OUT and walk. (Why did I just hear the gods laughing?)

I think every program that had a username/password had expired, and I forgot two passwords, so I was probably an hour doing that. Okay, going to go get some water, and GO WALK!

Husband called me over to the tele, "They had something about a Renaissance Faire..."

Okaaay, where?

Dunno, but it's coming right up, if you want to see it.

Sure enough it did, 1/2 an hour later... So if you are in Oregon, near Silverton, is a brand new ren faire, this weekend.

So, I AM WALKING. Shoes. Out door. NOW. Husband was leaving, too, so I locked up, and started my walk, after turning on the water for the garden. Both Husband and Mom want me to take my cell phone in case I fall.

I am walking, getting into the music, woo, feel the muscles go, look at me I am >cock-a-doodle-doo!< >cock-a-doodle-doo!<

(As much as I like having my ring tone being a rooster, I still don't like having the ability to be reached EVERYWHERE.)


Ok, turn off Werewolf, take out ear buds, answer phone before it goes to voice mail... (You ask why I don't just let it go to voice mail? Because, if Husband calls, it's business, or something amiss, Sheriff's Office calls, they need a reply quickly, most times, and anyone else that calls usually is concerned when I don't answer right away, as they know I try to get back asap... And since I have been known to have my voice mail not give me a message until THE NEXT DAY, it's just easier to curb panic by answering.)

So, I have a conversation, finish up, and realize that I had turned on the water a while ago, how long has it been on? OH, CREAMED CRAP, it's been on for an hour, and I haven't been walking more than 15 or so minutes, in total! I walk down the hill, turn off the water, and start back to walking. And FINALLY, it is completed, just about time the sun was getting uncomfortable.

So, victorious, I go back out from walking through the gate, I did well, got my walking finished...

And was stung on the knuckle by a yellowjacket.

It's going to be a long day...

Gee, it's 10:30, maybe I should try making breakfast. Should I call the fire department and warn them, the way my day is going?


(I think Werewolf is either being sacrilegious, or just having a nervous breakdown. When I have it on "shuffle", it has more than once played AC/DC's "Big Balls", then DC Talk's "Jesus Freak" right after. Just sayin'...)

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