Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Better farming through Craigslist, boomarang dryers

Have been bugging, nagging, and imploring asking Husband about making a llama chute. He has been looking! He has been listening! (Well, when his hearing aid is turned up, anyway...) He found one! So he went to... Bend? I think, and picked up this chute. (Rudee is my non-llama model. See the happy look?)

(This was the look when I tried to get a picture on how the stanchion part worked. Treats didn't even help! All was forgiven, and eaten, when he came out.)

And Husband had a tiny bit of free time, and knew that I was blue about missing the Sock Summit in Portland, so he made me these! I now have my own, custom boomerangs sock forms! I think they are pretty neat looking, really, and gee, now I just HAVE to knit a sock or two to see if they work.

Gee, life is so hard. Must knit socks. Boo hoo... Brer Fox, don' throw me in that Briar Patch! Heh...

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