Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Better than nothin'...

I dreaded getting on the scales. I hadn't done much. Been trying to watch what I eat, but even that was... unique. Birthday of a relative, so we do Chinese food AND chocolate cake. (Yea tho I walk, etc, etc.) BUT:

I lost .6 pound.

Otherwise, I got nothin'.

Unless you want to know that I have almost 20 hats knit for the Shop With a Cop thing. One very annoying gal keeps telling me that she doesn't know why I am so worried about it, they go buy stuff at Mart-Mart anyway, it isn't necessary. So? I set a goal, and am trying to stick to it. Unlike my weight, the hats don't normally unravel when I am not looking, so I will still have 20 hats later. I am not talking with her about the hats much anymore, either... I am still hoping to have 50 finished. Then I am going to have to start working on a few UFO's, and some ideas that I have for MY stuff.

Yep, that's it.

Alll Done.

No more.


Not gonna see noooo more.


(Why, yes, I am groggy, and it's been a slow blogging time, why do you ask?)


  1. A .6 pound loss is much better than no loss, or even a gain of any sort. Especially when dealing with birthday parties and the like!

    How many chickens do you have? And of what variety? Just curious as we are trying our hand at chickens!

  2. Yeah, I do suppose so, but I was rather... unhappy with myself for not doing much this week, and the end result sort of re-inforced my 'not going for it' attitude. BUT, yes, I should be happy that there is a bit less of me...

    Chickens... I have 24 Rhode Island Reds, they are huge, but have a very good temperment. (The fact that I pick them up and handle them from chicks, and feed them from my hand so they are 'tamed' doesn't hurt.) I had thought about getting some other breeds, but this is one I like, and my grandpa raised them, too, so I sort of gravitated to them.


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