Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Dance! Shot through with moments of terror...

Well, just so everyone knows, there is a picture of a spider below.

I have allowed space for anyone who does not like spiders.

Or perhaps, like me, is TERRIFIED OF SPIDERS! I loathe the little monsters. Unlike yellow jackets, where I just am not fond of the 'sting first, find out if there's a problem later' attitude, I can't handle the 8 legged monstrosities that want to come in the house and make a home.

I have killed (or bless him, Husband has) more than 5 at this point. The joy of the weather turning to fall, is that the horrid things want to find a warm, dry spot to do whatever nasty things they do in winter. If you love spiders, please don't send me 'poor little creatures' emails, not gonna help. Let's just say I have no love for them, never will, and with the possible exception of Charlotte, ain't caring if I never, EVER have a spider around me again.

How am I writing this with a big spider picture? I switched to Html. Hah. No spider, just a bunch of computerese. MUUUUUCH better. (Did I mention these little slathering nasties are approximately the size of a quarter?)

Husband saw me taking a photo. He was actually impressed. "You are afraid of those things, and you took a photo?"

"Heck yeah, I have to have SOMETHING to blog about!" Heh... Of, course, that was the last thing the little monstrosity saw before he was sent to his next life.

Oh, and the happy dance? After a week of trying desperately to do well...

LOST 2 lbs. Yahoooooo! I was able to exercise, I was able to drink more water, (thereby drinking less soda), and except for a couple of outrageous carb meals... (My In-Laws cook by frying, by carbing, or gravy-ing. I opted for carbs. Well, and a little gravy. Big time portion control.) So, on to next week.

Oh, and the spider is below. Please don't whack your monitor. You have been warned.


  1. Anonymous9:21 PM

    Ugh, those I kill too. Don't like the big hairy ones. I am okay with little ones or the ones out in the garden. We will see if this lets me post this time. I will try to blog. I am shamed. :-)

  2. Anonymous9:22 PM

    btw that was lynn that just posted. seems like i can post anonymously.

  3. I am not even fond of the little ones out in the garden, but I figure they are most likely eating bugs that would ruin my veggies/flowers, and I am 'on their turf, so I give a little there...

    And yes, you posted! Yay!


  4. Well, hmm. Ok, guess it won't let me respond to each one at a time. Ok, I admit it, I am a computer not smart person... So, chime in any time!


  5. Congrats on the 2 pound loss!!! Woo hoo!!
    And I don't mind spiders as long as they don't catch me unawares. It's snakes that really freak me out!!! Urrgh!

    I have your e-mail, will send you a message in the morning with a helpful (I hope) tip to retrieve your award!

  6. Thank you, received the info, will see if I can beat my computer into submission, UHHH, work out how to put it on the blog.

    And I have no problem with snakes, that's my Mom's thing. I guess each person has their own thing to deal with. Eh.


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