Wednesday, August 05, 2009

NUH-UH!!! Wha happened??? @#$%!!!

I exercised, not a lot, but I did exercise. I didn't have seconds, have been drinking water and less 'junk'. (Ok, I did have a sip of Husband's Coke, but it was exactly that. A sip.)

I can get into some of my jeans that I haven't been able to get into. And complimented on same.

I thought I was in like Flynn.


I gained 1 pound.

(censored... please stand by...)

All I can figure out, I had a less than stellar meal last night, it was Chinese take out, with lots of salt and fat, and maybe that did it. I haven't been drinking as much liquid as I should, either. Hmm.


On the bright side, Husband is really doing good things, he isn't being diet police, like I feared when I started the commitment for this road back to a better size. In fact, I had noticed he was out of Coke, and when I started to put it on the shopping list, he said, why don't you just stop getting that, I don't need it, you are tempted, so just skip it.

Whoa. Cool! Making husband points...

Sooo, better luck next week, I guess. More water and less salt...



  1. It really doesn't take much for weight to fluctuate by a pound or two. Sodium from chinese food, not enough water, muscle gain from working out, fluctuating many things can make it very frustrating at weigh in time. As long as you know you are on track, keep it up and I bet next weigh in you'll be pleasantly surprised with the results.
    Excellent on the hubby points BTW!

  2. Oh, yeah, the 'stuff' is important, I guess the big thing, I was SOOOO sure I had lost weight. I try to keep reminding myself that I am looking better, I am not what is on the scale. But it still gripes me... And yes, Husband has been a big help, let me tell you, he is a 'fix it' guy, and I was so afraid that would lead to diet police when I told him... But he just lets me work on it myself, with encouragement. That has helped more than anything else, I think!



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