Friday, August 28, 2009

Took three times, but I did it!

Well, I received a Lovely Blog award, and had absolutely NO clue how to show it off... Thank you Amy, the instructions made sense, and after I fought the computer, swearing every inch of the way worked out the details, it showed up, pretty as all get out! There is hope for me yet, computer wise.

In other news, In-Laws will be leaving... today? I think? I haven't heard them stir this morning, but when they do, things will be packed, and they will head to a daughter's place nearby to say bye for the season, then off to... Uh. South. Missouri? Florida? (I am soooo lost on keeping up with where, what, 'n when.)

Bless Husband, the dryer has been a thorn in my side since not very long after we bought it. So, I have endured checking clothes to make sure they aren't smoking (I am NOT joking), having it then decide to go the other direction and be barely hot enough to dry the clothes, now... It just quit. I do dry some items outside, when I can, or in front of the fire place in the winter, but with our combined allergy problems, we almost have to have the dryer. So, what now?

Thought I, yesssss, new dryer, finally, after 15+ years, I think I got the $ out of it.

But no.

Husband fixed the heating element. Which lasted exactly 4/5 of my laundry. The last load was as wet as when I put it in, and cold. Oh, Husband, ding dong the dryer's dead!

But, today, Husband is off to the appliance repair shop to get a new heating element. Ok. Let's see... I keep hearing about a cash for clunkers for appliances. Think Husband would notice if the dryer looked a little different?

Yeah. Probably. Bummer. Never thought it would be a bad thing to have a husband that can wash his own clothes!

So, let us all hope that the new element is agreeable to the dryer, and I might have clothes that are dry and do not smell as if I have been barbecuing polyester...

(Small add-on here. Finally convinced the computer to let me see Masterchief's blog, go see, it's cool! And also, check out the carnage on Enter the Blogger's page- no one was hurt, but something tells me the train conductor and the trucker probably both had to clean out some underwear!)


  1. Barbecued polyester? Now that is a scary thought! And just before bedtime too!! Eek!!
    I have my fingers crossed that the new heating element works!!!
    And hurrah that you got your blog award up on your blog! It looks great!

  2. Lovely award!! You deserve it. Congratulations. That comment about the shorts was one I made too only the lady I work with made a comment that the engineer was a nice red headed irish boy and I stated that I bet I knew what color his shorts were afterwards. I will keep my fingers crossed for your dryer. Either way.

  3. Well, (knock wood), I tried the thing and SO FAR, it hasn't smoked, (sort of an odd smell, it's that new equipment chemical smell, but it went away quickly), and it IS drying. So, as much as I was sort of hoping to get a new dryer. Well, I guess it sorta is... If you squint. Eh.

    And yes, I am pleased, the blog looks kinda nice there!

  4. Oooh, I hope that you didn't make the shorts comment when she was drinking something, that could have had hazardous results! :D


  5. True. Taken from someone who has first hand experience with tea if I remember correctly.


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