Monday, August 03, 2009

Unintentional heart rate increase.

Decided that I really needed to walk. As well as getting Rudee out to walk. (And Tux, but that is his own decision...)

Husband warned me, "make sure you watch for yellow jackets!" One of the things I do not love about fall coming. Those little monsters are everywhere.

So, I get the shoes on, and start my walk. 3/4 way up the hill, bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Oh, crap. I look around, carefully, and realize there is a ground nest with an opening not quite the size of a baseball RIGHT BY THE PATH. I walk gingerly by, hoping that nothing will get annoyed to stinging. Nothing did.

So, I get to the upper field, and start the second part of my walk. Rudee loves to run around the upper field, so he blasts off, running as fast as he can go.

That's when a big swarm came out. I stood absolutely still, thinking, nosting-nosting-nosting-nosting-pleeeease, nosting. The 'jackets seem to follow what's moving, so they finally turned off and started chasing Rudee. I didn't get stung, (Rudee didn't either), but man, I think my heart rate was going at an all time high. So. Hmm. Walk hill means I could get stung. With Rudee, the chance increases... A lot.

I guess I need to get Old Hippee out. I finally have a brain bucket. I told Russ I wasn't going to ride my tricycle without a helmet. So that's what he got me for my birthday. I have a danger orange vest, so I guess I am ready. I know O.H. is ready. Now I just have to figure out how to convince Rudee that the county doesn't need to be informed that I went off with out him. He loves to run. He is (mostly) pretty good at commands. He is still a dog with ADD, and I don't want him to chase a squirrel into the road about time someone is doing time trials down our street...

Just what I need, a pet that can give me a guilt trip. From a distance.

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