Wednesday, September 09, 2009

2.2 and 22, good for me!

Well, today it worked!

Lost 2.2 lbs! Yaaaay!

I am finding out my biggest thing is lay off the salt. Which, while I add no salt to things, is easy enough to find in what I make. This is especially true when I am lazy and decide to make something simple for dinner, like ramen soup. So, a bit more vigilance on that, maybe I will get somewhere. I also found the reason for last week's uptick. I won't go into detail, you can read it here...
Amazing how something annoying on one blog, can be hilarious on another!

And if my count is correct, I have 22 hats (shown below) for my donation to Shop for a Cop. I am using yarn (mostly) from my stash. (Hence some of the onesies and twosies, color wise.) I have until around mid-December to finish, but I think I better turn and burn so I am not sitting, knitting frantically, while wanting to curl up in the fetal position and cry the night before the get together.

I know the snowboarder hats look nice, but I think the majority will be standard watch caps, I find them easy to knit when I am busy. The snowboarders aren't HARD, really, just that I have to be a little more on the ball when I am doing the flaps, and connecting the flaps to the main hat. More than one had ear flaps more like eye patches, or something, as I got them too close. I have since found a way to avoid that, but I still like the ol' watch cap for rippin' out product...

Calling Santa Claus, temp elf on line one...


  1. Congrats on the 2.2 AND the 22!!
    Great job on the weight loss, and your hats are beautiful. I think that is so cool that you are doing that.:-)

  2. I am very happy with both accomplishments, so far, thank you! I have to laugh, I notice in the picture, that little dab of canary yellow shoooure shows up!



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