Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another fine mess I've gotten us into...

Even after the blasted deer got into the garden and ate about half the beans, I still was able to get enough picking for a good couple meals. It was an interesting time snapping beans. I did this outside. It sort of went like this:

Pick up bean. Put down Tux. Take off ends. Put down Tux. Toss ends in garden. Realize Buzz just got bean end in her ear. Put down Tux, yet again. Snap bean and put in bowl. Run Buzz away from bowl. Put down Tux.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

As much as I love my cats, this was getting to be a total comedy of errors... But I had a fur-free bowl of beans when I finished, so that's the important part.

I hadn't checked the zukes in a few days. This isn't a good practice. This is the good stuff that I can use. The others, that wouldn't be out of place for batting practice will be going to the chickens. (I try not to waste the stuff, and found the chicks adore the zukes. The older chickens, and the llamas don't really care. Rudee thinks it's a 'toy', and mauls the thing for a while and leaves a mess, and the cats? Well, they are cats... But the chicks more than make up for the other's apathy, so they will be eating well. I will have some more zukes to make bread and such with, so it all works out well.

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