Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Color me confused...

Yes, boys and girls, it's scale day. AND I REMEMBERED!

So, been working this week, at faire, where you can't do anything with out needing to walk, as well as some light construction... I thought, wow, I should at least be down a pound. I have been going at the water heavily, lots of exercise, fresh air, all that crap that's good for you, so I was ready for my reward.

NOTHING CHANGED. I didn't go up, OR down. My scale, which bless it, does the math, said, literally, 0.0 lbs.

I talked this over with my Mom. I wasn't angry, just highly, highly confused. I should have lost weight, I did stuff right.

Then she mentioned... Bathroom habits. Uh, well, could have been better, yes. Was I eating carbs. Uh. Peanut butter a carb? Uh. Yeah. Salt? I was going to say no to this, until I remembered a couple high salt meals. (Kraut, anyone?)

So. I guess this is a lesson. I can't change all my habits, and see a change. One good habit, one bad habit, it evens out to zip.

BUT... On the bright side, I did get a lot of good exercise, and I was actually feeling quite good during most of faire, (with the exception of my face, which was sunburned, even after slathering enough sunscreen on that I looked waxy... eeeew....), so I will just call it a good week, as I didn't gain, and go from there. But, ya know, I really want to get going down again...

I will be off and away again, to Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival (OFFF), and will hopefully be able to post pix and such of both fair(e)s when I get back, as it is the last 'big' event for me for a while.

Then I can do laundry... eeep.


  1. Life is sometimes like that. Alas! Glad you're looking on the bright side in that you got lots of fresh air and exercise. Perhaps you gained a little in muscle?

    Sorry about your sunburn, but can't wait to see pictures!!!

  2. Yeah, I need to look at the bright side more often, glass half full and all that... I promise to get some photos on soon, but flying from A to B, to Q (and back) makes getting pix off the computer at home a bit tinkery, at best.

    (But I have one of one of the 'barmaids' that I adore, if I get no others, that one will go up!)



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