Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm not stressed...

I am just so EXCRUCIATINGLY awake that it's painful. Yes, it's time for me to head up the ol' trailer to Faire. So, I will be having a few non-blog days, until Monday...ish. I think.


(Small edit: In the "OH, CRAP!!!" department, I just realized today is Wednesday, my scale day, and because all my stuff has been on different days, and I am going to be gone, we'll just call it a wash, ok? I have been excersizing almost every day, and eating... mostly better, so I will come back Wednesday next all full of vigor and hopefully less gravity. Mass? Whaddever...)


  1. Hope your weekend went well! Remember to let all that stress GO once it's over. :-)
    I kind of sort of skipped my scale thing this week too. We'll pinky promise each other to be back on our regular scale schedule for next week right? Right??!!??

  2. Yes, some bad, but mostly fun, so I have PICTURES! Will be blogging soon, (I hope), on the faire, and will indeed pinky swear about TOMORROW'S scale day.

    Cuss, cuss, swear. Oh, uh, never mind...



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