Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Nothing to see here... (Gripe heavy post...)

Ever have one of those weeks where you try and do everything right, and you still muck it up? I was pretty careful with what I ate, and although I didn't excersize, I was up and doing and going a lot this week, so I figured, no sweat. I would at least lose a little. I was even complimented on the fact I was losing some in my face. So I stepped on the scale...

Gained .8 lb.

This is when I try and convince myself that I really don't want to throw the scale against the wall repeatedly after bashing it over my head at least once or twice. And, to add insult to injury, I was told by an extremely stupid person, gee, you must be retaining water, just don't drink any water, and you'll lose, no problem.

Um. Right. Yeah. I might indeed be retaining water, but what, eat dust for the next week? What kind of help is that?!?! Yeah, as I recall there is another little problem about not drinking water, this little detail, you DIE if you abstain long enough. Stupid, stupid, stupid...

Then on top of that, my Roseca is acting up, where I look like a pizza face, so my self esteem is oh, about knee high on a short ant right now.

Ok, enough of that. I have next week, right? I will get on the horse again, so to speak, and we shall see what transpires. On the bright side, having nothing to do with this, I had to correct a newsletter that I make for the Sheriff's Office, and was able to do it in only one try. I do think that has to be some sort of record. I saved that about 7 times, so I have a fighting chance to print it out when needed...

No water. Duh.


  1. I'm behind on my commenting, and I had meant to comment on this one yesterday.......
    I wouldn't stress too much about the .8 gain. It's depressing I know, and would be enough to make me cry right now, in part because I'm working soooo hard to be good. As it sounds like you are. Stay on track and I'm sure the scale will treat you right for the next weigh in!
    Question about your roseca? As I've heard of it, but don't know much about it. Are there certain things that will cause a flare up? And what do you do to treat it? My youngest has terrible eczema, as well as food allergies. If we're not careful he will have a flare up and his face will break out and look terrible as well as be painful.
    That must suck when you have a breakout. I hope it clears up soon!

  2. Yeah, I suppose I shouldn't be too upset, but still makes me annoyed when I think I am doing well and a "Huh? NO WAY!" moment occurs. Then having unwanted advice on top of it just rubs me sorta raw.

    Rosaeca... lots more on this website, (I mis-spelled it in the blog, obviously...), but in short, it's little pus-filled bumps on the face (mostly), and your nose and cheeks turn bright red because the veins are much more sensitive to... Well, whatever your triggers are.

    If you ever see W.C. Fields, his nose (while probably caused from drinking), could be what untreated rosaeca looks like. I am working hard not to get to that point. (More or less it looks like acne, but my 'stuff' is much smaller, but makes the area around red and puffy. Sort of like having a zit in the middle of a sunburn or rash. (I know, TMI...)

    Certain things do cause a flare up. In my case, being in the SUN causes mine. Sometimes cold wind, too. I don't seem to have any food reactions, but if one does, it's some of the same things that can cause migranes, oddly enough, wine, chocolate, hard cheese. Other stuff, too, that I can't remember at the moment.

    I treat it with a rub on stuff... Metrocreme, I believe it's called. It is something of an mild anti-biotic, it seems to help a lot, as well as absolutely wearing sunscreen or a hat at ALL TIMES when outdoors. (I really am not wild about wearing hats, so this has been a learning curve. At least I have found a few hats I like...)

    So, now you have more than you ever wanted to know about Cat's pizza face! ;)

  3. Thank you so much for your generous sharing of knowledge on this. I sincerely hope I did not make you feel uncomfortable in any way, as thatw as not my intent. I sympathize, I really do.
    Honestly that must be so hard for you!
    My youngest, when his face was at its worst from the eczema looked terrible, and I hated the way people would look at him and then do a double take.
    I have a hard time wearing hats too, glad you were able to find some you like!

  4. Not a problem, I have lived with it long enough for me to just have it be "one of those things". Doesn't bother me anymore, except on the rare occasion that I have to do stuff in public, (ie, faire performance), otherwise, eh.

    And yes, having a hat that you like is a GOOD thing. Even better, one is my Grandfather's old cowboy hat, so I sorta feel like it's a double good! Hmm. Feel another picture heavy post coming on... Heh.


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