Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Not the best picture, but it's a nice one, just after she'd been sheared.

She went down fast, and didn't make it. I would like to think she was happy here, and I know she was saved from llama burgers. I will have this year's fleece to remember her by.

She was a little diva. (Notice the picture of her, she's walking away? I had just started to take the picture, and she figured out someone had food, and she didn't.) She had "wry face", but it never seemed to slow her down. In fact, she was usually eating her share, then cleaning up anything anyone else left. (Which lead to four non adjoining feeding areas...) She would decide to go through a gate, and if there was food there, I wasn't going to get her back in, until the food was gone, or she saw food back where I wanted her. Big beautiful eyelashes, she could give a 'sultry vixen' look, an 'I didn't do it look' (even if she had), or an 'Ok, so I did it, I don't care' look. Sometimes within minutes of each other.

She was just a nice llama. She will be missed.


  1. I'm so sorry. Do you know what the cause was?

  2. Thank you. No, it happened so suddenly, and she more or less just keeled over. We took care of her body already, so I am not going to have a necropsy done. Probably should have, but I will just keep watching the others. You have to realize these llamas were rescues, and on the later edge of life. It was just a unwelcome surprise that she went.

    Thanks again.

  3. Well, she was a very fortunate llama because you rescued her and she got to spend her last days in tall clover so to speak. I know how much you care for your animals so I know she got the best of care. It just must have been her time. Here's to Rama.

  4. I'd like to think so. Just remember to pet your pets! Happiness is where you find it...

    I think I better stop before I get all dorky maudlin...


  5. I'm so sorry about Rama.
    She sounds like she was a delightful llama, I loved the way you described her.
    She was lucky at least to have spent her last days with you.

  6. Thank you. I am still going to miss her. She had the longest eyelashes. But hopefully she is at peace. I tried to give her a good home here, so I feel she at least had that.


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