Tuesday, September 01, 2009

September, huh? Annnnnnnnnd we're off!

I don't know how it happend, but this is the month I look forward to, yet dread at the same time. I have things going on all month. Nearly every weekend is taken up. (Actually, there is more than one thing per weekend, but since they haven't perfected cloning, I have to pick what I had heard about/commited to/can't get out of first.)

I will be doing fun stuff, but some stuff that has become a bit of a chore. I will probably comment on that in October, after some decisions have been made. Right now is the set up for the month. I am counting stuff, packing stuff, washing stuff, getting stuff in the trailer, conning sweet talking my husband into helping me find things I probably could get, but figure he can reach better and have a chance of not klutzing up...

But, anyway, two of the biggies:
Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire


(No, I haven't been able to link this, please cut and paste, it's really nice...)

I work there each year, and have made a lot of wonderful friendships, gotten more than one bodice burn, and usually end up with at least one or two more stories for my character. And trust me, I am a character!

And I go to:
Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival (OFFF)

(Couldn't find any items on YouTube, and the gallery is down. I am just having the luck today...)

But anyway. I will be on the go. I also have my usual spinning, volunteer work, driving Mom about when she needs it, and housework, (if I have to), and caring for the animals, and the garden... Um.

Are we SURE they can't clone people yet?

In other news, I found out I hadn't seasoned my Dutch Oven properly, and it was starting to get a smidge of rust. Soooo, I have a Dutch Oven, in my oven, with heavy seasoning...


  1. Sounds like fun, even though a bit chaotic! Will you be posting any pictures from the fair?? We went to the one in NY ( I want to say Sterling??) years ago. It was soooo much fun, and I would really like to go again someday.
    Have fun, and good luck with that Dutch oven!

  2. Yes, I hope to have pictures... However, I warn you, I have been going to put pictures on my blog for LAST year's, well, um. I still have them on my computer, does that count??

    And I don't sound as busy as you by half! ;D

  3. Do you know if the spinning group will be doing any sort of carpool to the OF&FF?

  4. You know, I actually don't. I am going to camp while I am there, it's sort of a Christmas present to myself. Hmm. We shall have to ask!



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