Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WHOOOOAAAA! Slow down already!!!

My word, I have been on the go, and just found out some of my volunteer 'stuff' is likely to pick up. Well, I am going to have to decide what to go to and what to skip. I want to have a) some time at home and b) not wear myself out so much I get sick. (Most especially the second!)

OFFF was fun, and I spent like I had good sense... I did come home with a few dollars, so I wasn't a total spendthrift. Just about, but not completely. I have "mystery batt", which is from a Canby company, it's bits and pieces from when they do commercial carding. It is completely random, one might have oranges, one blues, one might have sparkly stuff, one might be grey. I happened to pick one with purples and greens. I also bought some dayglo bright roving, from It's A Colorful Life, (pictures, you ask? Well, of course. When I get the camera dug out.) Oh, and a bunch of fiber from a farm in Philomath. And a sign shaped like a sheep that says "BAATH". (Since I have to make my 'public' bathroom all nicey-nicey for business and company, I get silly stuff like that. My gargoyles have been removed to my craft room where they will adorn my doings without unnerving the muggles... )

Home was not in too bad of shape, Husband is pretty good about cleaning up after himself. I can't say the same for the garden. We now have a 'log pile' of zukes for the chickens. When the darn things are left for 2 weeks, they get SCARY big. Green beans, omigawd, we have 'em. I picked a feed bucket full, and didn't even make a dent in it! They might be on the large side, but they will still be useable. Just a LOT of them. If it doesn't rain much tomorrow, I will try and get more picked, possibly see if I can con...vince Mom to help me can some. Or there will be a bunch of llama/chicken food. While it won't go to waste, pet food wasn't exactly the plan... Tomatoes are going slowly away, between the cooler weather, the deer, and turkeys, they are fading. I also need to get my gourds picked. So I at least am not without something to do!

Oh, and today is scale day. (Why do I always think of dragons when I say that? Eh...)
I lost 1.8 pounds. I am so pleased, I could cluck. In fact...

CLUCK! (heh...) I have been really making an effort to not blow the portions. I also have been trying to snack better, apples for candy, that sort of thing. I haven't exercised a bit, but since all I have been doing of late is walking, I figured I could skip... :)

In all seriousness, I had worried a bit about my exercise, my arthritis has been bothering me a bit in my ankle, and so it's been, walkwalkwalkwalk, ok QUIT. Hmm. Ok, it's stopped hurting, walkwalkwalkdam*, ok QUIT. And so on. I was afraid that letting the ankle give me directions, I wouldn't have lost any. But I am finding that IF the ankle takes the lead, AND the portions are reasonable, i.e. no seconds, and not taking portions for a starving teen boy, I am doing a bit better on the down slope. Eventually I might have enough weight off to make the ankle hurt less. Doc said something to the effect that for every extra pound you have, it's like three on the joints. Well, that is 6.8 x 3 off, if my math is right. This be good thing, Martha!

Well, I am going to hopefully be perusing my friends blogs again, if you have lots of blogs and I haven't commented, I haven't had a chance at them for about 2 weeks or so, and barely had time to check mine, so I will check up and say 'hi'.

Who knows, I might even say more than that!


  1. Thank you for the note in my blog! I have never heard that expression before and I love it: the mind is smarter than the belly, but the belly is louder! Congratulations on the weight loss this week!

  2. Well, I have noticed it... I shouldn't eat that, GROOOOWWWLL!

    Which one do you hear more loudly?


    And thank you!



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