Sunday, October 18, 2009

And now for something lighthearted...

Last couple of my blogs were downers. I want to do something high on the cute meter to make up for it. I still haven't written about OFFF, but this was a chinchilla that was just waking up when I walked by, and so I snapped a pic. Sadly, there is a delay of about 3 seconds on my camera (yes, it's old, I know...), so the super cute yawn was not caught. Said critter is very cute, in my opinion, however, even if it isn't yawning...

And another cute picture, I went to a local Mennonite Fall Festival. They have lots of yarn (bought some), apples (got some), cider (drank some), books (took a lot, but not for me, for a change...), and then I saw her, and some silly little girl hidden waaaaaaaaaay down deep inside said "Squeeeeeeeeee!" I knew I had to get her. And Mom was so surprised at my reaction, she decided to buy it for me. (Tank ku, Mommy... Heh.) I have named her Dorothy Yoder, and will make her a prayer cap, eventually. Or at least a kerchief. But, for some reason, she tripped my "I want it" trigger. Guess it's better than wanting Whoopie Pies (which I didn't). I absolutely adore Siamese cats, so I guess that's the first part, and well, she is just so darn cute. And really squishy huggable, surprisingly... (And she even has bloomers!)

And now, I really should get to doing something. Probably more knitting, (I screwed up one of the caps for the kids, I couldn't wear it, my HUSBAND couldn't even wear it, it's so large. Frog city time.) sigh. But I am at 40 caps, so if I turn and burn, I hope to get the rest done by the end of the month. Then maybe I can oh, start knitting some stuff for Christmas?

Something tells me I am going to be soooo sick of hats by next month... And no, I have no plans of giving family or friends caps this year. 'Cept maybe one. And it's already started, so that doesn't count.

Right??? Gah.

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