Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The good, the bad, and so on.

The good.

Lost 2.8 pounds. Therefore, I pretty much lost the big oops I did a couple weeks ago. Yaaay! Clap, clap! Ork, ork, ork! (You know, spelling the word a seal makes, just looks... Funny.) Now I just need to remember, I am trying to lose weight, DO NOT get cocky. I am doing much better on portion control, for the most part. Some slippage, but I am not bringing any tempting foods in the house. Our Halloween Candy is some chips and such that I like, but isn't a zombie like mindless munching when I have them. I even share with Husband a package, I eat three munchies, he has three. Splitting up a snack really works well. Except when Husband doesn't want a snack...

Now if I did like I did LAST year, and bought the little sugar buttons, for Husband, of course. I won't have any. Well, just one. Oh, well, no one will notice if I take a few. Then I noticed in the course of two days Husband and I had eaten almost the whole bag. And Halloween was still a couple days off! Sooo, if I do buy anything for Husband, it's going in a container, and going out to his shop, where I don't get at it. (He has no problems with weight, so I can splurge on him, sometimes. Grumble... Heh...)

The bad. We lost one of our hens. I have been keeping the poor things in the hen house, so all should be okay, right? One just died, I suspect she must have had a problem laying or something, but she was no longer with the living today. I am not happy. Her name was Pepper. I have other hens, but darn it, that still bugs me.

And so on. I did receive a response from Fish and Wildlife about the bob cat, so I have to fill out a report, (guess even wildlife are under a government onus...), and then I will find out what can be done. I just hope they can move Mr. Cat, I really don't think it's going to do anything outrageous, unless you are a chicken.

I have been to a couple of the Citizen's Academy classes, one because I didn't get to see much of it the first time through, one because it wasn't available when I took the class, and I went to the "Shoot, Don't Shoot" class, mostly because my parents were very apprehensive about it. I kept trying to alleviate the concerns they had. (Mom didn't know if she wanted to try, I told her she could just observe. Dad thought it would be a walk through class with pop ups or some such. Nooo...) So I asked the powers that be if I could observe. And after my parents BOTH did the activity, (pretty well, for the most part, I thought, even if Mom's first response was to tell the deputy, "Ok I am the bad guy, and I give up, can I go now?" But she did well.)

After my parents finished, the deputy offered to let me have a go. Uh. Well, er... Okay... The room is dark, and there is a video up front. I started up to the front and promptly ran into a chair I didn't see. Having had stupid things like that happen before, I gave a bow, and said, "Thank kew, Thank kew..." I have found that if I do something silly like that, it makes people less worried that I have hurt myself. (I won't mention names coughcoughMOMcough.) I did okay, as well, but one of the odd things about the program, you have a set amount of time, if you decide to shoot, or the computer will just record that you shot, and nothing will happen visually. I ended up 'shooting' a suspect three times, and then said suspect just got mad and laid down the machete he was carrying. When the deputy showed where I'd shot, I'd hit him three times in the leg. HUH? I thought it was strange. But the deputy said it wasn't impossible, that if said suspect was on PCP, that could possibly happen. Or that he wouldn't even notice and keep coming.


I have decided, playing with that thing twice now, I have no real desire to carry or be in a decision to fire capacity. I am not averse to plinking, I, in fact like to target shoot, when I get the chance, but the idea of possibly shooting someone just makes my guts roil. And, I think that's probably a real good thing, Martha. But, I hit each and every time I fired, which might also say something. Not always where I was AIMING, unfortunantly, but I did hit. Not exactly sure what that says, but let's just say, I hope it remains on a screen, with pretend 'kills'.

Our deputy that lost his dog on July 4th is still waiting to receive a new one. I guess it comes from Europe, by way of California, I think is what he said. The guys in the office gave him a memorial plaque, with a picture of he and his dog. These are really big strong guys. But don't let that fool you, he saw that picture, and he had to turn his back and weep for his lost partner.

Puppy love of the truest kind. We miss you, Jari the dog.

I am just waiting to see what the new patrol dog will do, munch wise.


  1. Congrats on the weight loss!! Woo hoo!!!
    Sorry about the loss of Pepper. I know some people are like "They're just chickens" but I too am rather attached to mine and dread the day when we lose one.
    3 times in the leg huh? Well, that would slow him down at least right????
    And darn the halloween candy!! Love it, but hate it. Arrgh.
    I've benn procrastinating BIG time on buying ours. Might have to break down and do it tomorrow while I'm out running errands and such though.....

  2. Yay me, too!

    I have 20 chickens, and I have them named, know each ones quirks, yeah, they are my feathered friends...

    The longer you put off buying, the less time to snack, I guess, unless you buy something you detest...

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog. So far I am holding steady. We haven't bought our Halloween candy yet. That way if there is a slip (which there won't be) at least it won't require the purchase of replacement candy.

  4. Yes, slippage is a not good. I would SO know that... (sigh) I have threatened to buy candy I hate, just so it won't be tempting... But then I have to get rid of it after. And most of the stuff I don't like, my husband doesn't either. Oh, well. Plan B. Or am I up to C now? Heh.


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