Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I blew it... And the Zodiac Killer. And other stuff.

Ok, scale day. I knew it would be bad, and it was. Ugh...

I gained 3 pounds. I wish I could blame it on something, but other than I still hurt like a sonofagun, I just ate too much of the wrong stuff. I was cocky, and figured I could get away with an extra helping of garlic bread. Cream sauce? Sure, why not... Well, now I have in black and white why not. Back to the drawing board. I should be sad, but surprisingly I am not. For a change, I know exactly what I did, and better, how to fix it. A rare and pleasant change. Not pleasant to go backwards that far, but hey, it was my choices that did it, so I've no one but myself to blame. So dere. Better luck next week.


Soo, I had 12 chicks this summer hatch. I named them after the signs of the zodiac, being the easiest method of giving them all names. I lost one, earlier this month, and just recently lost 2 more. So, 3 months are missing from the zodiac. Husband suspected one of our cats, and I tended to agree, at first...

Until I smelled the skunk.

I have the sneaking suspicion that we might have a skunk dining on my birds. I haven't lost any more of late, but I am also keeping a gimlet eye on them, and not letting them out of the hen pen. What with skunks, bob cats, deer, and just general wildlife, it's a wonder we have a plant or animal on the place that's safe! SHHHEEESH!

I hope to get a few more blogs in soon, but Husband and I share the computer. (I was using mine, but when we switched to DSL, mine chose that time to die... Due to BIL's kind and somewhat useful, if confusing, tinkering, I can still use it for a glorified typewriter. But it no longer has the go juice for the Internet... {sigh}) So, with Husband and I sharing the computer, it can be an all or nothing proposal, especially if he is hunting for something for his shop. Aaaaand, he is. He has a new tool, for re sharpening parts, and now he needs accessories for the tools. Ebay, Craig's List, Machinist groups, yes, he covers them all and thouroughly. Oh, well, he will get busy, and I will actually be HOME one of these days, and I can write up a blog, maybe even with pictures! (I am on my volunteer shift at the Sub station... Free computer access, and not too many interruptions today...)

Heh, that reminds me, I think I can tell this story on myself. Last week, a gentleman came in and needed some info. I gave it to him, and told him it needed to be returned to the Sheriff's Office proper. He said he was new to the area, and didn't know where it was. I am not the world's best at giving directions, then he confused me by asking if it was going North on X road. If you want to snow me, use compass directions. I hemmed and hawed, trying to remember what one of the deputies had told me.

Meanwhile, another gent showed up, and said he could tell the man how to get there. I, quite happily, let him. After the explanation, I asked the second man how I could help him. He handed me his P&P (Parole and Probation) paperwork for the week. I chuckled, and said something like, yep, I bet you would know how to get to the Sheriff's Office, having been a guest. He looked a little embarrassed, and said, yeah, I think I have a REAL good idea where it is. I did thank him profusely for getting the other gent directions, though...

But hey, he helped! Whatever works!


  1. Sorry to hear about the loss of your chickens, though now you've got me worried as I know we have a skunk lurking around. Yikes. We still have all of ours though, knock on wood!!
    Love the zodiac naming idea! Very clever.

    Bummer on the 3 pound gain too. You'll lose it again in no time. Like you said, bad choices....and the scale doesn't lie. Darn it all!

    I had a good laugh over your direction story! Gosh but I suck at directions too. Arrgh!!

    Doesn't seem fair that we have to share computer with our families does it?? I'm in the same boat. Most of my computer time, when I can actually nab it, has been devoted to homework. I've been missing my regular blog readings........

  2. Yeah, if you have a skunk, keep an eye on chicks, especially. But the stinkers aren't above raiding a hen house if the opportunity arises...

    Goal for next week, lower lard level... Heh...

    It's a (sort of) joke in my family, Dad can't get lost in the forest, but has trouble in town. Mom can't get lost in town, but has trouble in the forest. I got the recessive gene from them both. {sigh}

    I try to be nice about sharing, and try to be philosophical, he is after all, using it for work, or work related items most of the time. But I am just selfish enough to really get annoyed when I am in the middle of a blog... "Hon, can I use the computer, one of my Ebay auctions is due." Grumble. Yeah... Grrr. But, I believe, if that's the worst I have to deal with, I have it rather good, doncha think?



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