Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Scale day, 'mung other things...

Well, it wasn't a great week, physically, or mentally, I thought for sure it was going to be a wash. I didn't get much of a chance to exercise, I was either in a car, or in meetings most of the week. When I did exercise, it was a struggle. I don't know if it's the change of weather, I am doing something wrong, or what, but I am feeling like someone has pounded the poo out of me. Makes me feel sadly pathetic. Then I have to remember that, well, at least I still have pins (legs) under me, I can still walk, or do sit ups, whatever. It's annoying to me to hurt, and I have a bad, bad habit, if I hurt, I don't move, and that makes me hurt worse, so I move even less. This creates a very nasty woman. Husband has gone so far, on occasion, to take me by the hand and take a walk with me, just so I will do something, and not get so horribly stove up...

This was a week like that. I did, however, watch what I ate more carefully, made some good choices, especially when confronted with several restaurant meals, one at a buffet that I almost always overeat at, the DAY before weigh in. Eeeeep! But...

I lost .4 pound. It's not a lot, but with this last week, by gosh, I'll take it!

In other news, I was getting ready to go to spinning group, had my wheel in one hand, my basket of fiber in the other, and was walking out to my truck, Monday. WHOOSH, a dog sized something darts past. In truth, I thought it was the neighbor's dog. Until it stopped at the gate and looked at me. It was a bobcat! And it wasn't afraid of me to speak of, it just stood there. Not knowing if it meant to do me harm, I decided that big and loud works with little cats, perhaps it will work with a big(ger) one. I raised both arms, and hissed, setting off Rudee, so it probably sounded like all Hell broke loose to that 'cat. Which was fine, he darted through the fence and was gone in a second. I then decided that the chickens were going to be INSIDE for a bit, until I can contact Fish & Wildlife and find out what to do. I don't really want someone on the property to hunt it, but I don't need it around to possibly hurt any of my animals, either.

Must say, it was a lovely looking thing, all other items aside.

Fall time here. Apple cider. Lovely reds, yellows, and browns in the leaves. Starting to smell the woodsmoke of fires. Actually put on a heavier shirt the other day. Rain is starting a bit. Garden is pretty well gone of summer food. Animals coats are getting thicker. The chickens, however, are in the middle of a molt, and look... Less than lovely. Especially Longtail, who looks like an ill used feather duster. But, they are all still there. And some of the warmer weather foods I make are coming 'into season' again, like pea soup and beans with ham.

All in all, just another country day. Now if I just didn't have to think there is a bobcat about.

And why, oh why, can't I get that darn song about 'bob bob bobbin' along' out of my head?



  1. Ahhhhhh... now it's in my head, too!!!

  2. Oooops... Heh.


  3. How thrilling! I bet it was an awesome sight to see that bobcat. I'm with you on the chickens and other animals regarding safety though.
    Congrats on the loss too. Keep moving!!!!

  4. Hmm. "Thrilling". Um. After it left, maybe. I really didn't know what it might do, and I am rather anti-being-toenailed... But it was a nice looking, if lanky, thing.



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