Wednesday, November 11, 2009

CRRRRRAAAAAPP! (Ow. ow ow ow ow oooow.)

Ok, let's get it over with...

Gained 1.2 lbs. I am so mad I could spit. Or other things...

My ankle was hurting, finally got THAT aggrivation out of the way (I finally broke down and walked with a cane for two days to baby the annoyance.) And NOW the stupid muscle in my back is spasming.

I am beginning to wonder if the only way I can lose weight is to only drink water and eat rice cakes (yuck...) until I stop having these stupid dings on my person!!! I thought I was controlling my portions, but I guess I should have been even more strict since I have been unable to do much excersizing (read: none). Even normal things like getting the laundry from the dryer, or sitting in a chair can be a challenge, gee, am I going to have a spasm or not? Even poor Tux got in on the act. He ran in the house, so I started to pick him up to put him outside, WHAMMO, instant spasm. I don't know who was more panicked, me having the spasm, or he by being dropped suddenly.

This sucketh, yea verily to the max... So, to paraphrase the Soup Nazi,


I keep wondering what I am going to be like as an old fart, if I keep having these problems now? Sheeeesh...

These are the times when I d*** near want to give up. I know these thoughts are mostly because of lack of sleep and aggrivation, but I keep thinking, why am I bothering to put myself THROUGH this?

Then I think about the fact I will probably have less of these things happen with a little less girth. And in the long run, I will have a longer life. Little stuff like that.

Logic can really be a pain in the butt... Especially when it's right. Hmph.

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