Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hmm. Well... Hmm.

Got to my shift, and realized I hadn't gotten the "scale stuff" done today. Rather than another oops, I am going to have a scale day tomorrow, hopefully that will alleviate my boo-boo.

Been an interesting little bit of volunteering. I helped at our local hospital, they are doing this thing against the swine flu, that everyone that comes in has to check in with a name tag and have sanitizer spritzed on their hands. I had one guy, I swear, he looked like he was going to hit me, said he wasn't going to have a name tag (first name only...) and the sanitizer was bull****, he had washed his hands before he came in. I told him that if he didn't, I couldn't let him in, and I would have to call security. He glared at me, to the point I moved back, not being entirely sure that I was going to have a fist coming at me. He then stuck out his hands, I spritzed, and he then slapped them together, and shook the residue everywhere, sort of wet dog spray style. (Joke was on him, it dissapates almost immediately, I didn't get any on me, or the floor.) I gave him his tag, which he reiterated with lots of swearing, that it was NOT necessary. I just told him that it was hospital policy during the flu season. When he finished whatever he went in for, he grabbed the tag, tore it up and snorted, saying LOUDLY, 'bull****', again, as he left.

Ooooookay. Sorry to be him, I guess.

But there was the flip side of the coin, a gal was just ecstatic that we'd have this set up, and asked right off to be spritzed, before I could even get the spray bottle to her! And when she rubbed the stuff in, she then told me she carries a bottle of hand sanitizer with her. I laughed and showed her the pocket size one I carry with me. She laughed and gave me a hug. Then she blushed and said, uh. I think that was a no-no. I said, well, I don't have any problem with the hug, but I better give you another bit of sanitizer. She agreed. And when she walked out the door, she got yet another spritz, for good measure.

The nurses and doctors were getting spritzed as well, my biggest problem was trying to convince them I had to see i.d. so I didn't have to write a tag out for them. One of the doctors had forgotten his i.d. altogether, and I wasn't quite sure if I needed to make out a tag for him or not, when one of the nurses walked up and with a large grin, said, oh, he's been pretty good lately, I'll vouch for him, let him on in. I did. (Like I was gonna stop him?)

Have finished 43 hats toward my 50 for the Shop with a Cop thing, and I am taking a little break, I decided I wanted to try an idea for a crocheted Christmas ornament, if I can do what I want to, and it comes out, I will post it later...

Left a little joke gift for one of the deputies. He likes to golf. I gave him a 'divot replacement kit'. It consists of about an ounce or two of rye grass seed...

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