Thursday, November 19, 2009

Number 9. Number 9. Number 9...

Finally back on track. Yay!

Lost 2.2 pounds.

Not quite as achy, did more moving, (I won't call it exercising exactly... I go with my Dad to car show swap meets and offered to ''mule" his purchases, in a wagon. Well, let's just say he found a LOT of things, and I actually had to have help getting the wagon moving in one case, he'd put so much stuff in it, and we were on dirt, rather than concrete, that it sank!), and trying to really pay attention to how much I ate, as we had several social things going on...

Portion, portion, portion. I found that at potlucks, if I take a teaspoon full of things, no one comments, I look like I have a full plate, and I still can try things with not so much guilt about blowing the diet.

I had to give away some peanuts a friend brought over. I thought, oh, good snack, not sugary, etc., etc... Then came to the realization that Dry Roasted Salted Peanuts are my personal non-chocolate Kryptonite. Couldn't stay out of them. Husband doesn't like them, so I gave them to another friend, who likes them, and has much better self control... And I won't look like a water balloon.

So, I did volunteering yesterday, and had a woman come in with a request for a uniform, for a play. There was discussion, and after some phone calls, we finally convinced her that making the performer look like a cowboy, with a badge, and some props, was enough. One of the deputies walked in, and she saw he had on green, with a ball cap, and said he looked like a Forest Service guy, not a Sheriff! I chuckled, and we gave her some Junior Deputy Badge Stickers, we figured on stage, no one would know the difference. She was somewhat releaved, but wasn't sure about getting the stuff together in time.

Oh, when do you need it?

Tommorow night, when the play opens...

(Good Luck!!)


  1. Hurrah for being back on track!
    And congrats on the loss!!!!
    I can never eat a normal amount of those darn peanuts either. Or any kind of nut really. Or chips, or crackers, or olives, or any kind of free floating food that isn't able to properly defend itself.
    Sorry, I'm just tired enough to be loopy, so bear with me.:-)

  2. Oh, I have my moments... More often than I'd like... But most of the time I can stay out of stuff, if I don't get it out in the first place. (There are exceptions... That's why there is no chocolate in the house.) I didn't realize that these silly peanuts would be 'not in the house' #2... And tired is fine, loopy can actually be fun, every once in a while! Heh...



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