Friday, November 06, 2009

Oh. My. Word. WHAT have I gotten myself into???

I have gotten the bright idea that I want to learn to play the guitar. (Yes, I need another hobby like a hole in the head, hush...) :)

So. I went and dug about for the guitar I used (ahem) years ago in college, (I took one college music class to save my, uh, you know...) and stole borrowed Husband's old guitar manuals, (he gave up on learning, and sold his guitar to a friend who was a collector of Martins), and sat down with one the other evening to read the first chapter, so I could re-acquaint myself with the stringy thing.


I took guitar in college, and have forgotten...

Yes, wait for it...


I was looking at the stuff, didn't make sicum from sideways even about what I was supposed to do! So, Bless the Innernets, for it has lots o' stuff, I looked on YouTube, and found some real, real basic stuff for guitar. And so I can now maybe start looking at the idea of where all of my fingers are supposed to go. Where they actually land might be open to interpretation, but I can at least have a fighting chance of doing something close to right. I hope to be able to do a basic chord soon.

We shall see.

The thing that amuses me, I have used books for years to learn things, in the area I live, there aren't classes for x thing nearby, (unless it has to do with horses or farming, in that order), and even then it's usually at night. For various reasons, I just figure, if I wanna learn it, I have to teach myself. Rarely have I had a problem. But man, I would probably have killed to get the Internet when I was younger, and trying to learn some hobbies and skills that I now have. When you can look up anything from spinning yarn, knitting, archery, flint knapping, and playing guitar (all hobbies I have, or want to take up), it makes it much easier to see why you are doing something and screwing it up not getting the result you want, and how to correct it.

So, hopefully I can do the stringy thing with at least one chord by next week. Maybe even two... Do I hear three?

Let's see. G,G,G,G,G,G,G,G... Hmmm. That might be a bit on the annoying side after a while. But, it will be more chords than I could do!

LAAAAAAAAAAA! Uh, or more accurately, TWAAAAAANG!

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