Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Soooooo close, it's annoying!

Did really well, then had some soup, didn't think about the salt content. (Can we say liquid salt lick???) But kept on with what I am supposed to do, and even Auntie Flo's visit wasn't too annoying... But, I have been a good kid, should do okay right? Well, I did not too bad, but...

I didn't quite get to 10 this week. Very close, but not 10.


Lost .8 pounds.

But, my husband is going to get me a CD. Now the thing was, I was just getting me a CD to get me motivated. This one might be a smidgen more... Woo. No. Woo! No...


Husband wanted to get me something for Christmas. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are coming out with a Live Anthology. I am given to understand we are going to hunt one down! (He is a smart man, we are getting it while it's on sale.) I am just beyond tickled, (gee, go figure), and am hopefully going to be able to 'earn' it by next week. (However, given the $, I need to lose about 30 pounds by next week for it to be more equitable to me. But I am not complaining, no indeed!!!)
Husband isn't really into Christmas, he just feels if you want to give someone something, just do it. (Good Nike ad, huh?) After this long in our marriage, I suppose I realize this, so I just have to say,

Dang, Christmas is a comin' early this year!!!

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