Thursday, November 26, 2009

What is the impact of one?

My brother in law gets his mail at our house. One of the groups he gets mail from is a religious thing, and the package reads: What is the impact of one?

I have no idea what's in the package, what it's about, actually I don't know that I care, really. It's just a thought starter.

One person. I started this blog as one person. Didn't, as far as I know have any readers, until I mentioned it to a friend. One person, a reader. I now have more, and appriciate each and every ONE that visits. Thank you.

One day. I was married, that was one day. A birthday is one day. A birth, or a death, that is one day. My accident was one day in my life. One day can be vital. I am thankful for one day. Today.

One life. One of my friends lived to 104. It was a life of changes, big and small. One of my family had a baby that lived about 30 minutes. It astounds me the idea of life. And how and what happens.

One thought. On this day of Thanksgiving, I have one thought to share. I welcome you as blog friends to my little corner of the world, and thank you for your time and comments to my blog. If it's not Thanksgiving where you are, I still want to take the time to thank you. It's an idea not always shared enough.

Then of course, there is the one turkey, one bowl of potatoes, one bowl of green beans... And more than one pie this year, if I understand correctly...

(Hey, I didn't want to be COMPLETELY serious!)

Happy Thanksgiving, or even Happy Thursday.
Enjoy your one day, and make it a great one!


  1. I LOVE your blog title!!! I am so enjoying reading your past posts!! I am so sorry about Jack!!! I can't wait to read them all! Your socks are fabulous, I don't have the patience for socks. I'm a follolwer! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  2. Welcome! Thank you (blush). Enjoy the ride!

    Have a great one,


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