Sunday, November 01, 2009

What to do, what to do...

I finally got about and put up a goal list.

Sort of.

If you will note, I put a few items on, but it was only enough for about every OTHER 1o pounds. So, now I guess I have to work on ideas for the others.

Oh, and did you notice the Alaska item? Husband was trying to help, I was grumbling about having to lose so much weight. He said something to the effect that if I would lose that, he would take me to Alaska. For me, that's motivation. (To wit: Husband's idea of a long trip is about 4 hours...) So I know he's really trying to help me with this.

So, I am hoping next week might see a new CD in my collection.

I decided to keep my weekly section up, however, so I couldn't fudge... uh... CHEAT myself, if others see it, I know that I have to own up... Or better, down to what I am doing...

In other news, the Fish and Wildlife people called back, and basically said, yes, you did well to scare off the cat, no, they can't move them, and it would be a good idea to keep your chickens indoors for a week or two, until Mr. B. Cat decides to go somewhere else.

I KNEW that much! But oh, well. At least she assured me that my bigger animals, as well as the neighbors, would probably not be in any danger, as the cat is more oriented to little game, i.e., rabbits and such. {Whew...}

Run Rabbit, run...

(My Husband is a Pink Floyd fan. Lord knows why I remembered that line, though...)


  1. I like your list! I think it does help to keep one on track. Hope you get your CD soon! Which one will it be???

    My husband is a huge Pink Floyd fan. As am I through osmosis. Though I have yet to learn to even like Boston so maybe that's not the reason.

    BTW, you're going to LOVE Alaska!!!

  2. I have been trying to decide between a Tom Petty one (Hard Promises), and Queen. Probably Queen... ? Unless I find something else! Ha!

    Husband loves Pink Floyd, I don't dislike it, it was just something I prefer as background, more than anything. Some of the lyrics strike me as rather strange. (Like that couldn't be said about some of MY choices...)

    I hope so, FIL lived up there, tells me stories, and Husband and I have talked about it for some time, but haven't really given ourselves the "kick in the butt" to get motivated. Guess I have one now! I even have a printed out photo of Denali by my scales...


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