Friday, December 11, 2009

Cougar, cougar, cougar, cougar, oh, and... Cougar...

My husband was excited about the cougar. I didn't quite get HOW excited. We are going to have it taxidermed, and probably put on a ledge in our house. (Mostly his idea.) He brought the cougar to the Substation, while I was there, so *I* could show the deputies the cougar. (I let the deputies know, and honestly, I wished I had a camera, Husband and a group of deputies all standing in the back of his dually.) Husband has driven the cougar to various people in our neighborhood that knew about the cougar, he told the UPS guy, he's sent the pictures to various friends near and far... That cougar has gotten more windshield time, so to speak, than I have this week.

Am I just a little on the b*tchy side when I say that I am glad that he's excited about the cougar, but the @@@@ thing killed my llama, and I wish both were still alive, so I am just not that WOOT WOOT excited?

The cougar has even gone viral with the deputies, one of them took pictures and now they are all asking about the big cougar one of the volunteer's husband brought in. It has made for some interesting conversation, since I haven't met a few of the deputies, (worked on a different day, and so have met guys that I have missed, because they are out and about on the other day), so I guess that is good, but still...

I am certainly hoping something else takes up the conversation pretty soon. A dead cougar seems to garner a lot more excitement (and sympathy) than MY LLAMA.


Ahem. Sorry. Just a little aggrivated. Oh, well, this too will pass, I suppose.

In other news, I have our Christmas trees down. One is a tiny table sized one, that I can now PUT UP in my Craft Room, I have room for it! YAAAYYY!!! The other is a 5-6 foot, somewhere around there, sized tree, in three pieces, with lights built in.

Why fake trees? Comprimise. We have had real trees, and I still would love to have them, but Husband and I always seem to start having allergy flare ups. Husband also considers the Christmas decorating and that ilk to be 'fluff', (read: he don't decorate), so it has to be stuff that I can manage. So, fake pop-up style tree. (which I got at a store where it was a demo model, they said I could take it for a paltry sum, or they'd chuck it in the trash. Plus, they gave me enough ornaments for at least a couple trees. As one of my friends says, Sweeeet.) I will probably set up stuff today, decorate possibly tomorrow, maybe, and then start figuring out what is left for gift getting. But mostly, I think I will work on Christmas cards.

(Which I was told by a friend, gee you have a great story for your Christmas letter. Oh, yeah, hey, in this the season of Christmas, we had a llama killed, and had the cougar killed that killed it. Yeffir, greeeeeeeaaaaat...)

But I'm not bitter.



  1. Hi, Ms. Diva, I think my computer ate your message...

    But to answer what I read, they can't relocate cougars, or most cats, they have a huge area they roam, (on the order of miles) and if they meet with another cougar, it tends to end with a fight, and smaller cougars don't tend to make it. (This guy, however, was the other extreme, I think they would have had a lot of personal danger to move him because he was so large.) I was upset about that to, but I was also worried about several elderly people, and several people with livestock nearby that could have been hurt. They don't have 'cougar reform school', so unfortunantly, killing the cougar was the sad, but safest, method.

    And yes, I really don't relish the thought of being a pistol packin' mama, I like to target shoot, but am such a klutz, that I would have more than a little apprihension about trotting about with a pistol on my person.

    Thank you for commenting, even though I think it got zapped!


  2. When I saw the title I thought it was going to be about "older women" in leopard print stilettos ;)

    BODA lose weight

  3. OH, JEEZ! I hadn't even thought of that!!! ROFL! Thank you for the chuckle!

    Cat (who could probably be in or near that older women catagory...)

  4. DH and I think that the cougar would make a very nice throw rug. (Perhaps with a small plaque that says "RIP Ding Dong"?)

  5. Hi, my friend,

    Well, we, (read: mostly Husband) were going to make a rug, but as it is one of the largest in the area, (I am given to understand it is a state record, if not national, according to Fish and Wildlife), Husband now wants it taxidermied (is that a word? Oh, you know, stuffed...), and put on a display in our house. I am sort of wondering how this will go, and yes, there will be some sort of plauque (darn near wrote 'plauge')about how and why it became a not so healthy cougar. The rug idea left when we realized it wouldn't fit in any room in our house...



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