Monday, December 07, 2009


Ding Dong, in front, after shearing.

Well, I was in a rush, had to get going this morning for an appointment, hurried out to feed the animals, and didn't see Ding Dong. This isn't completely unusual, but in this weather, we always check, since they get fussy, and want to stay on the hill. (Basically, it's warm[er], I am not in the mood, why walk down the hill?). I flitted about, getting hay, checking that everyone was doing all right, then mentioned to Husband that Ding Dong hadn't come down for breakfast, would have to check on her when I got home.

Husband then looked at me, got his coat on, and walked up the hill. I was getting my shoes changed and my coat on, and he came in with the saddest look in his eyes. "Hon, I have some bad news. Ding Dong was killed last night." He told me the gory details, which I won't go into here, but it sounds very definitely like we have a cougar in the area. From a guy that said llamas were "my thing", and wouldn't even use the punny names I gave them, he's become as much their champion as I am. The time before I left was pretty quiet.

Now, the bob cat spooked me a little. Cougars scare me. I have nothing against any animal, but I don't want to be around a cougar. They don't scare, and they are sort of the Bad A** of the cat world.

So, bless him, Husband moved the llamas (the 2 left) down the hill, and fenced them off so we can keep a close eye on them. He is letting the neighbors know, so they can take precautions. And me? I will figure out if I want to cry. Ding Dong was finally becoming a relaxed llama around people. She seemed to be finally, as much as an animal can, enjoying herself, and learning to trust.

I don't begrudge a wild animal food, but why my llama? I have a feeling that one of my neighbors will be looking to see if cougar tags are available. We've already had one cougar close by. I try to keep perspective, yes, we are rural, yes we are in an area where wildlife is pretty close, but still... Damn.

Nature sucketh, on occasion.


  1. I'm sorry about your loss. I know how much you love your animals, pets and farm animals.


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