Friday, December 04, 2009

The guitar gods are in hysterics...

Remember when I said I was going to take up guitar? I am about to take it up and SMASH it on something hard...

I got said guitar. Started practicing. TWAN-nn-nn-g. String broke. Ok, new strings.

Then I started removing and replacing strings. Aannnd, we had a (fret? The part that holds the string) break. Husband said, don't worry, I can fix that. So, about a month later (he had a big job for his company, and couldn't commit the time), he took a good look at it, and then said, uh, I don't have the right materials, how about you buy some at the music store?

Snarl. Ok.

So, I buy the %^&* things. The guy at the music store said he'd show me how to put the strings on. Great! So I take the guitar in, and he starts to show me. Then he tries out the one string. Buzzz, buzzzzz, buzzzz. This does NOT sound right. He looks it over, and then tells me that while it's a good guitar, the top part that holds the strings is too low, and should have a shim under it.

I have already gone $10 over what I swore I would call my upper limit on this thing. I am not sure if I should try yet ONE MORE TIME, or just get a new guitar and call it good.

I suppose I need to give my husband a chance, he mentioned a fix for the top part. So, I will see if his fix will work, then give serious time to have my head examined to let him try, and maybe, just possibly, by some extremely thin chance, the sucker will finally work, and I can actually try to start learning.

I had a goal to learn a song by Christmas.

Guess it's a good thing that I didn't say WHICH Christmas, huh?


  1. Hi Cat,

    Just found your blog from your comment on Beth's blog about moderation. Loved that! So in popping over here to see your blog, I find you're a knitter, as am I. In fact, I put down my needles to do a little blog reading.

    I also enjoyed your chatter about guitar frustration. While you wait for the anticipated repair, learn to sing a new song for Christmas. If hubby doesn't come up with the goods, sing it out of key for him on Christmas.

    Welcome to blogdom! Great folks here, lots of support. Feel the love!

  2. Yep, knitting and some crochet, beading, cross stitch, spinning... Oddly enough, I don't sew much, but if it's a craft, I will probabaly, or already have, tried it.

    Heh. Well, the singing would work, IF husband wasn't hard of hearing. He'd just turn the hearing aid down. How 'bout mime? No, as tempting as that is, it's probably torture under the Geneva convention or something...

    And, of course, welcome, and come back soon!



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