Friday, December 25, 2009

To My Friends Who Celebrate Christmas:
Have a wonderful One.

(Please note, I didn't use this stocking for the fireplace, although it was implied the hole might have gotten me more goodies!)
(And guess who is STILL looking for her darning egg? But fortunately, light bulbs work, too...)

To my Friends That Don't Celebrate Christmas:
Have yourself a Terrific Friday, and a Great Weekend!

(I couldn't resist having snow on Christmas Day...)


  1. Love the snow! And the stockings, even with a hole. Did you make them?

  2. I thought it was cute, when I saw it in another blog, and since I am in one of the rare areas that didn't get Christmas snow, I thought, what the hey... (One of the gals that works at the Sheriff's Office was wishing for snow, and went home to the Midwest. We are hoping she returns before Spring!)

    As for the socks, I did knit them, but as you can see from the blog, it really deeply affected me.

  3. hope you had a great christmas cat!!!

  4. Hi. Love the snow! I haven't seen any snow yet this year either.

    Bearfriend xx

  5. To JGS: Yes, thank you, I did have a nice Christmas, and I *think* I have you to thank for the snow (widget)!

    And FofB: Yes, if it doesn't make a mess, I generally like snow...

    (Sorry, Blogger doesn't seem to allow me to respond to each comment as I see fit. Poo.)


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