Monday, January 11, 2010

Mad Hatter Musings... (Picture Heavy Post.)

I saw Knitman's blog the other day, and he had several hats. My first thought was, "neat hats." My second thought was, "I hate hats (on me)." I have to wear hats now, and I am getting used to having one on, but I still don't like it. And don't get me started about terminal hat head.

That got me to thinking, just how many hats do I have? I haven't used my model Buc in a while, so I decided to scare up what I had on hand, and see what came of it.

Buc is a Halloween toy I bought. I had been feeling down, it had made me laugh, and so I took it home. Husband took one look at it and said it should stay in my craft room. The man rarely gets the willies, but this one really doesn't do a thing for him. Which, of course, makes me laugh even more, (though I do keep Buc hidden from Husband), and all is well.

Oh, and why Buc?

Butt Ugly Cat.


So without further ado, here is the Cat Collection.

1. This is a St. Patrick's Day hat I picked up to finish a green outfit for the day. One of the few that actually comes close to actually fitting Buc, too.

2. This was a hat left at our house when we bought it. It looks a bit like a Mountie's hat. I have been just a bit timid of wearing it, not knowing who had it or why it was left, but it is a good quality hat. I might throw it in the freezer for a month, and then see what my mood is about it. (A good cleaning might help, too, it's awfully dusty.)

3. My inner barbarian. When I was in Las Vegas, this was my big thing. My mom won it when we played some game, and she gave it to me. I then used it to hold my vast fortune of dimes when I was gambling. (It didn't fill much of the hat...) I would wear it, and all of the gents who were... well lubricated... would comment on my great hat. Yeah.

4. My garden/Ren hat. I have to have a wide brimmed hat when I am out in the sun. This monstrosity is it. It is the least appreciated, most abused hat I owned. The abuse has taken its toll, and I will have to get a new hat, or figure out some way to repair the grommet on the one side, it makes the hat flip down over my eyes at the most inappropriate moments. Like, any time... But, it does keep the sun off. That is the only plus I can give it...

5. A felt hat, when I was working, I sent off for it, from Plimoth Plantation, in Massachusetts. It was shown on a program on PBS, and it was 'period correct' for a ren faire. I do occasionally wear it in the mornings at ren faires, but it's way too hot. I wear it in the winter, or when it rains, this is the polar opposite of the straw one, I can honestly say I kinda like this hat. Until I take it off and have greasy dome head... Ick.

Did I mention it's warm???

6. This is my Grandpa's old straw hat. I kinda like this hat. I finally have a plastic cover, so I can wear it in the rain, otherwise, it absorbs water and looks like a wet tortilla. And I usually have a turkey feather in it, that I found on our property.

I wear this hat with my volunteer outfit, (black shirt and pants with a sheriff's star sewn on), and sunglasses, people actually look at me like they do the deputies.

(I am still trying to decide if that's a good thing or not...)

7. This was a pattern I found on the Internet, and it just tripped the trigger, I had to make one. It was really a baby hat, I just made it adult size. Later found out that someone had written the adult size pattern, but hey, it worked, so I didn't do too bad.

I wear it when it is very cold, even though my husband denies having any idea who the nutcase woman wearing it is...

I wore it a little bit at one of the ren faires, saying I was a crazy chicken lady, scratching and clucking. I had to quit, because it was too warm mid summer, plus I had some mental woman come over and take hold of the drumsticks to 'quiet me down' as I was 'too noisy'. Nutcases come in all venues.

8. Husband bought me this bicycle hat for my birthday, so I could go out on my three wheeler bike. (Buc's ears push it waaay forward, he'd be safe, but blind as a bat...)

9. A ren faire Mob Cap. Required wear in the Era of Queen Elizabeth I, except on Sundays, when you wore a wool cap.

Also worn occasionally as my cook's hat, in a pinch.

10. Most country people around here wear feed caps, or tractor caps. Well, I have to be different, right? I wear a cap from the brand of Amateur Radio that I use. One of my friends wears a Kenwood cap, and has to explain that it's for radio, not wine.

11. this is funny, I knit, but my one good set of hat and scarf, are store bought. I got them before I learned to knit, and just haven't gotten around to knitting MYSELF a set.


Actually I have knit myself several, decided I didn't like them, and gave them to others. Oh, well.

12. The bad biker babe. I have a leather jacket, and some motorcycle pants, but we sold the bike. I think the thrill got to be a bit too much for Husband when some (ahem) in a car turned across his lane, nearly dumping Husband, and then the guy had the nerve to WAVE at him as he left. So, no more bike.

Still have the headgear, because I use a four wheeler on the property, and with a hyperactive dog, I figure I might have to ditch the thing, and if I fall off, I want a brain bucket...

13. This is the one that Buc wears most of the time, being the King of the Craft room. He sometimes wears Sunglasses, looking like a really plastered version of Jack Nicholson.

(14. I also have a Santa hat, but it's packed away...)

So, I guess I do have a few hats. The funny thing, I have one hat I am thinking about making, a top hat. It's just a goofy thing I've been wanting to see if I can make. We shall see what the quality is when I am finished, whether it is a for fun hat, or a real hat that I wear in public. Only time will tell...

So, maybe I like hats better than I thought I did!




  1. I have mostly softball visors and baseball caps!!! But you have a three wheeler? I soooo want one!!!!

  2. no 7 is my favourite....

    you're nuts

  3. Ms. Diva:

    I thought that was pretty much what I had, too. Wrong...

    Oooh, no, a small QUAD. Three wheeler baaaad. I have bad balance, and need the most stable thing available. But, yes, after much... discussion, we kept the rig, so I can check the back of the place, and carry tools and such when doing fence work, or that sort of thing. (Half laziness, half lack of strength...)


  4. John:

    Yes, I have received comments on that one on more than one occasion.

    I'm nuts? You just NOW noticed this?? ;D



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