Monday, January 18, 2010

MLK day... and emailings.

Ok, I am given to understand that MLK day is now officially designated as a day to volunteer. Why, oh, why is it then, that it's a day that I usually am NOT volunteering... In fact, I am usually doing something for myself. I guess I will make up for it some other day. Like Wednesday... Or, I will count giving blood last week. Yeah, I'm good... Heh.

I have been working on a circle sweater, (shooting down UFO's), and have only to knit some sleeves to make it usable. I made it specifically to see how it worked, and so I now know that I want to use a variegated yarn, rather than changing yarns every so often. This could be considered a "practice" sweater, I will probably make a belt or something, and use it around the place, but since it looks like a hurking bull's eye on my none too svelte person, I think I will pass on wearing out and about. (Unless I go to Target, I suppose.)

I shall see if I get the 2 projects in the queue finished in the next few days, and then I will hopefully have some pics. Along with more horrid puns, I am sure...

In other thoughts, how long should it take to respond to an email?

I try to be realistic, I am at home, and can check my emails as often as I want (when Husband isn't on a Craig's List jag). However, of late, I have been sending out emails that NEED a response for some of my volunteer work. Some that are for a group I am involved in, and the response, when I get it, can be as long as two weeks (or more)! At the risk of being a grouch, I could send a darn letter and have it there and back faster!

Mostly, I grouse because it's time sensitive in the one case (need info for a newsletter that is out at the beginning of the month.) I don't want to be a raggy nag, but I don't want to be continually wondering until the last minute, gee, did they even get the email? Should I send another one? Did I dork up the email address again?

Now, if it's just a friend, I am not so worried, I might just call. But in the case of some of my volunteer work, I might or might not have a phone number. And yes, I do realise people have other things to do... But 2 weeks? It just seems a bit long to me. Guess it's my 'stuff' from growing up, where you responded to letters, and wrote thank you notes, and you didn't get up from the table 'til it was done. (Husband was raised the same way, we both decided to get all the thank you notes finished, and spent about 6 hours one day, writing and addressing them. Yes, we are strange... Eh.)


Any thoughts on how long I should wait, without looking like a grouchy, snarling, mean, nasty, email-expecting creep?


  1. It's email for goodness sake! I give them three days - then I am emailing or calling!!! :)

  2. dont worry what people think!
    chase em

  3. I think perhaps I should take above advice. I certainly try to be nice, but sheesh, how long does it take to say some little blurb by email...




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